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THE "MEAT AND POTATOES" OF THIS SITE: Being in the U.S. Air Force, I move from apartment to apartment every couple of years and when I am situated, my job keeps me traveling (TDY). As such, my first priority of a completed move is to join a local bible-believing, Baptist church. Soon, I felt moved to begin recording the preacher's messages for breakdown onto this web site. The pastors simply endorse this activity. They have no direct connection to this website nor maintain it. If there is any scriptural inaccuracy you find then it is my fault for mis-interpreting--not the preacher's. The following pastors below are whose church I've joined so far in my spiritual travels...
Berean Independent Baptist Church pastor Willie J. Byrd Jr.
Village Parkway Baptist Church pastor Dr. Steve Branson
Pastor Willie J. Byrd
Berean Independent Baptist Church
2300 Puerto Rico Ave
Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
(505) 437-8202

I was a Member: Jan 00 - Feb 02
Pastor Dr. Steven Branson
Village Parkway Baptist Church
3002 Village Parkway
San Antonio, Texas 78251
(210) 680-7813; FAX: (210) 509-3502

I was a Member: Apr 02 - Jun 05

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  • The gavel of judgment
    Federal, State, Local and Harvest Laws apply...
    2 Peter 3:9 says "The Lord is not slack concerning his promise" as man regards them all with, "Well it's never happened to me." However, your actions definately will have reactions. Measure them up against God's "Laws of the Harvest"

    When someone asks if you're "saved," what do they mean?

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    Basics/Considering Christianity Spiritual warfare for souls Self-examination
    Forgetting God Prioritizing your life Your personal relationship with God
    Faith and Patience Spiritual growth into Christ's image Hope: spiritual motivators, testimonies
    Leadership and role models Holidays: Biblical interpretation "Why did this have to happen?!"
    How God equips you for duty Power of prayer The Final Days
    False Doctrine Peace, rest, relaxation Marriage

    Fundamentals of Christianity: THE life-changing decision
  • November 11, 1998: The Fundamental Questions of Salvation - Becoming "saved": the Greatest Theme in the Bible
  • April 30, 2000: First-Time Believer - Wonder what happens when you say "Amen" after being saved?
  • August 20, 2000: The Believer's Baptism - Remembering its symbolic and critical importance to you and I
  • February 9, 2003: Judgment of God - Not accepting/obeying God means you're already condemned!
  • December 7, 2003: Miracle of Salvation - God's Son given to YOU: the greatest gift exchange of all
  • February 15, 2004: What is the Bible? - What It is, Where It came from, what It means to your life
  • February 22, 2004: No Longer I - If you're saved, your old self has died and Christ literally lives in You
  • March 21, 2004: Eternal Promise - Knowing for certain if you're Lost or Saved
  • October 31, 2004: The Great Discovery - What it means to be "born again"
  • April 17, 2005: Under Grace - When you're saved, you're no longer "under the law" but "under grace"
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    Forgetting God and taking grace for granted
  • April 16, 2000: When the Fear of the Lord Falls - What happens to you when fall too far away from God
  • July 9, 2000: Taking God's Grace for Granted - How we all forget our most precious gift ever given us
  • July 16, 2000: Thanksgiving - How grateful are you to God for everything that has ever happened to you?
  • December 3, 2000: 2000 REVIVAL WEEK: DAY 4/5 - The Saving Power of Jesus Christ - A grace not earned with money, good works, or your self-righteousness
  • August 4, 2002: Hard-Working Farmer - The difference between cheap and costly grace
  • May 30, 2004: Kneeling Before God - Remembering our achievements are not by our own strength
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    Faith & Patience: Trusting your future to God--not yourself or man
  • July 30, 2000: Victory through Faith - Your level of faith will determine how your battles go
  • August 13, 2000: Secret to Becoming Surrendered Saints - Ask what the Lord would have you do before you act
  • September 3, 2000: Work of the Word of God - If you're a believer but running low on faith, this message is for you
  • September 6, 2000: Conquering our Handicaps - How you should react to misfortune
  • November 5, 2000: Sufficiency in our Saviour - You already have what you need to make it through today
  • November 29, 2000: 2000 REVIVAL WEEK: DAY 1/5 - Waiting on the LORD - The Virtue of Patience
  • February 4, 2001: Live by Faith - Your KEY to the successful Christian life
  • June 9, 2002: Enduring with Joy - Being happy in your time of trouble
  • February 16, 2003: False Hope - Put your trust and confidence in God--not men in leadership positions A compare-contrast to the potential 2003 U.S.-Iraq war
  • October 26, 2003: Daily Needs - Trusting God to meet all your needs for today
  • June 27, 2004: Trusting the Father's Plan - Trusting in God's plan for your life--not your own
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    Leadership: Church positions, role models and the spiritual compass
  • June 18, 2000: The Measure of a Man - Today, husbands aren't acting like they should be. Learn to act like the one God intended.
  • June 18, 2000: The Measure of a Man (part 2) - Is your blueprint for "father" the same as the one drawn up by God?
  • July 5, 2000: Time to Transform into Teachers - Sitting in Sunday church is not supposed to be a "listen and leave" affair
  • September 13, 2000: Command Performance - Don't just be a hearer but a "doer" of the word
  • October 4, 2000: Calling of a Christian - You are either a manager or minister
  • October 8, 2000: Calling of a Christian II - Your aim as a steward (manager)
  • September 20, 2000: Conscience and Convictions of a Christian - What our personal system of "right" and "wrong" should be based on
  • December 10, 2000: Conclusions of a Constrained Christian - We Christians need to be bold and judge!
  • April 28, 2002: Qualifications of Deacons - The rules according to GOD--not man
  • June 2, 2002: Not Ashamed of the Gospel - Loving, believing and proclaiming not only GOD but those who are a testimony to Him
  • November 10, 2002: Reaching Out to the Left Out - Believers must take the initiative to reach the lost--not wait on God to send them
  • May 25, 2003: Role Model - Comparing who's the most influential person in the world
  • September 7, 2003: Quick to Listen - The Bible says a wise man is quick to listen and slow to speak and be angered
  • August 15, 2004: Be an Ephesians Christian - Imparting God's Word to others can be done in a variety of flavors
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    "Job description": Duties, tools and talents given you to teach others
  • April 26, 2000: The Father's Business - It's a job you're obligated to do. Did you know you had it?
  • June 4, 2000: God's Toolbox - God would rather use weak, meek, world-hated tools like you and I instead of strong leaders and wise scientists. Find out why!
  • June 25, 2000: Sir, we would see Jesus - The lost seek something they can't see or describe. Can you help them to see?
  • June 25, 2000: To the ends of the earth - All mankind is charged with the task of taking the Word of God to those who have it not. To which end of the earth will you consider?
  • July 2, 2000: Arise and Go - How you should react to a command from the Lord
  • July 19, 2000: Lord, what will Thou have me do? - Don't pray for what you want for you but what He wants for you
  • July 23, 2000: Readiness - Have you prepared yourself for THE imminent moment?
  • July 12, 2000: Caring for the Church of Christ - This isn't about a building. It's about the members inside.
  • August 2, 2000: 2000 FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS CONFERENCE: DAY 1/4 - "The Reason to Give"
  • August 3, 2000: 2000 FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS CONFERENCE: DAY 2/4 - "The Gift of Giving"
  • August 9, 2000: How to get Proper Directions - God has issued you a roadmap to life
  • October 8, 2000: Message of God's Ministers - What and how to tell others about the Gospel
  • October 15, 2000: Obedience is Better - What GOD REALLY wants from you
  • December 8, 2002: Mighty God - How the unstoppable being of the universe works through man
  • May 11, 2003: Mediator and Surety of the New Covenent - Blessings and Spiritual Fortunes today's Christians aren't aware they have (Lakewood Baptist Church, Sumter, South Carolina) Mother's Day
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    Spiritual warfare for souls: church strategy, damage report and how to arm yourself
  • July 30, 2000: The Missing Element - Why the church is losing battles in the world of today
  • August 6, 2000: 2000 FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS CONFERENCE: DAY 4/4 - Evening - "The Second Line"
  • August 13, 2000: Pulling Together with Power - We need you as a team player in our spritual Tug-o-War
  • August 23, 2000: I Am Not Ashamed - You should be proud to publicly proclaim Jesus just as He did you
  • September 3, 2000: Laboring Together with our Lord - So much to harvest and we don't have enough help!
  • October 18, 2000: Defining the Doctrine of the Justification of Faith - Conquering today's false doctrine - Part 1: The Greeting
  • October 25, 2000: Defining the Doctrine of the Justification of Faith - Conquering today's false doctrine - Part 2: The Greeting
  • November 1, 2000: Defining the Doctrine of the Justification of Faith - Conquering today's false doctrine - Part 3
  • November 8, 2000: Defining the Doctrine of the Justification of Faith - Conquering today's false doctrine - Part 4
  • November 12, 2000: The Will of GOD for the Church - What your church charter should be
  • November 15, 2000: Defining the Doctrine of the Justification of Faith - Conquering today's false doctrine - Part 5
  • December 6, 2000: Defining the Doctrine of the Justification of Faith - Conquering today's false doctrine - Part 6
  • January 7, 2001: How to Kill a Church Without Trying - Your preventive maintenance course
  • September 9, 2001: Absolute Assurance - Having the knowledge of eternal life and to confront others' philosophies
  • March 9, 2003: No Fear - Times of war are not times of fear for believers A compare-contrast to the potential 2003 U.S.-Iraq war
  • May 28, 2000: Understanding God's Love - There's a right way and wrong way to love
  • October 24, 2004: Antichrist is Never a Threat - Only the saved are protected from him and know his characteristics and tactics
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    Your life's priorities & goals: Going for God's prize or the world?
  • May 5, 2002: The Will of GOD - Prioritizing your career and your calling Message given on Cinco De Mayo
  • July 21, 2002: Greed - GOD, not earthly possessions, is life
  • September 1, 2002: Endurance For a Reason - To live for yourself is "vain glory;" to live for others is everything
  • October 6, 2002: Accurate Handle - Do you have a handle on your life's priorities considering your coming Day of Judgment?
  • September 21, 2003: Keeping His Commandments - It's God's commandment of love and not the earthly laws of man that matter
  • January 5, 2003: Blessings - It's not about getting what you desire--it's about God working through you
  • January 25, 2004: My Message is Not About Me - Your Duty is to Take Care of #1: God--not yourself
  • March 14, 2004: Aim High - When you became saved, your new life's daily focus is Heaven, not Earth
  • May 9, 2004: Importance of Family - Your first and primary duty in life is to your family Mother's Day Sermon
  • August 1, 2004: Diligent to be Ready - In serving God, you justify your faith and prepare yourself for Judgment Day
  • January 30, 2005: Do You Have Jesus? - Having world-class accomplishments and health are temporal; Having Jesus is forever
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    Spiritual growth: Emulating and "conforming to the image of" Christ
  • June 14, 2000: Growing in Grace - Just as you grow physically and mentally, are you growing spiritually?
  • June 21, 2000: Exercising our Senses - Did you know you have more than the standard five senses of the body?
  • July 16, 2000: Crucified with Christ - The solution to "fixing" the church
  • August 4, 2000: 2000 FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS CONFERENCE: DAY 3/4 - "Your Heelprints"
  • August 16, 2000: Continuing to Grow in Grace - An area where you can't experience enough!
  • August 20, 2000: Worthy Walk of the Believer - How you should walk like the Lord does
  • August 30, 2000: Contentment Through Conquest - Doing all things through Christ
  • September 27, 2000: Working of the Word - How reading the bible will effectually work you
  • October 15, 2000: Fruit Bearing - God's directive that you should bear fruit
  • November 26, 2000: Four Things Jesus Taught Peter About Commitment - How your commitment to GOD should be defined
  • December 3, 2000: 2000 REVIVAL WEEK: DAY 5/5 - Are you Displaying Heaven's Attitude? - Are you "going against the grain" like Christ did?
  • January 7, 2001: Enrichment and Enhancement - How to enrich your life and your church
  • January 21, 2001: Do You Have a Good Name? - Do you own what's more valuable than gold itself?
  • January 28, 2001: Finding and Keeping the Fullness - How you can find and stay in the Light
  • February 18, 2001: Hindrances to Christian Growth and Maturity - Warning signs to alert you of stunted Christian growth
  • December 1, 2002: The Laws of the Harvest - Summary of the Seven, Elaboration of the Third Berean Baptist Church's 12th Anniversary
  • February 23, 2003: True Repentence - The nature of taking our sin seriously
  • March 16, 2003: Christian Conduct - God's expectations of our life
  • March 28, 2004: Wisdom and Power of the Cross - Knowledge and power come from Christ--not from man
  • August 8, 2004: The Goal of Instruction - To love others; have a good conscience; develop a sincere faith
  • August 22, 2004: Meditation Leads To Carefulness - Carefully responding vs. fearfully reacting to life's circumstances
  • October 10, 2004: Your Greatest Ability - The most effective thing you can do in your life Webmaster's Birthday
  • January 16, 2005: GOD Is Love - To be truly a Christian is to demonstrate love as God does
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    Holidays according to the Bible: True meaning vs. world's new meaning
  • April 23, 2000: The Doctrine of the Resurrection - Learn the true meaning of Easter Sunday Good Friday: The Day Jesus died on the cross for your and my sins
  • July 2, 2000: Function of your Freedom - What was really paid for your price of freedom
  • November 19, 2000: Giving Thanks Unto GOD - The true Thanksgiving message Thanksgiving Week
  • November 22, 2000: History of Thanksgiving - When were we, as a nation, last thankful?
  • December 17, 2000: The Gift GOD Gave - A Christmas present from GOD to us
  • December 17, 2000: A Christmas Present for Jesus - Who's most deserving of a present on Christmas?
  • May 12, 2002: Influence of a Mother - A Mother's Day message about how spiritually important mothers are Mother's Day Sermon
  • November 24, 2002: One Returned - Forgetting to thank GOD for answered prayers and blessings Thanksgiving Week
  • November 24, 2002: The Meaning of Thanksgiving - Even with our constant disobedience, God wishes to declare us blameless Thanksgiving Week
    Good Friday: The Day Jesus died on the cross for your and my sins
    Easter Weekend 2003

  • April 17, 2003: His Only Son - "Maundy" Thursday's pre-cursor message to the following morning's crucifixion of Jesus Christ
  • April 18, 2003: Good Friday - Why the death of God's Son is a "good" day
  • April 20, 2003: Impact of the Resurrection - The most important day of observance in the history of the world has the greatest impact on your life

  • December 14, 2003: Perfect Timing - The perfect plan that delivered the perfect Gift at the perfect time The day Saddam Hussein was captured
  • July 4, 2004: True Freedom - It's about knowing the truths of the Bible--not the freedom of expressing yourself
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  • August 27, 2000: Praying for your Preacher - Your preacher cannot effectively preach without your prayer
  • December 1, 2000: 2000 REVIVAL WEEK: DAY 3/5 - The Proper Place of Worship - Why you should always pray "at Jesus' feet"
  • September 29, 2002: Prayer for All the Saints - Prayer's purpose and how to effectively pray
  • August 30, 2003: Power in Prayer - You will get the desires of your heart--ON CONDITION
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    Self-examination and keeping spiritually clean
  • April 23, 2000: Communion with a conscience - Are you qualified to take part in Communion? Did you know you might not be? Read on!
  • June 11, 2000: The Cleaning of a Christian - If you walk in this world, no matter how faithful you are and how well you follow God's rules, you will get dirty! Find out out to stay clean as much as possible
  • October 1, 2000: Cleaning the Conscience & Correcting the Convictions of a Christian - Conscience and Convictions, part II
  • October 1, 2000: Conscience and Convictions of a Christian, part III - True examples we can learn from
  • October 29, 2000: Purifying of a Peculiar People - Your past, your present, what your future should be
  • November 5, 2000: Sewing of the Spiritual Seed - You're either planting spiritual or evil seeds every day of your life
  • February 4, 2001: How much do you know of Jesus Christ? - A self-inspection of how much intimately you know your Saviour
  • October 27, 2002: Vessel of Honor - Being clean within results in being clean without and ready for God's use
  • January 11, 2004: "Good" Works! - Receiving injustices/unkindness from others: does repaying in good really work?
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    Relationship with God: His provisions&promises, your needs&desires, worship&glorification
  • July 23, 2000: God's Promise of Provisions - If you look to God before tacking your problem, you'll get more than you ask for
  • July 26, 2000: Coming Closer to Christ our Savior - How you can have the closest, clearest relationship with your Lord
  • August 6, 2000: 2000 FAITH PROMISE MISSIONS CONFERENCE: DAY 4/4 - Morning - "Come to Jesus"
  • August 27, 2000: Living your Life in the Love of the Lord - How your life is not dull and repetitive when Christ's love is involved
  • September 17, 2000: Lifting up our Lord - Do you do this in all you do?
  • September 24, 2000: Worship Pleasing to God - How you can worship God the RIGHT way
  • November 26, 2000: Clay in the Potter's Hands - How GOD wants to mold you
  • June 8, 2003: Temptation in Victory - When you win, do you accept the glory from your friends or do you give the credit to God?
  • July 20, 2003: The Vine and its Branches - An illustration of the connection between God and You
  • November 9, 2003: Giving Thanks - An impromptu, Pre-Thanksgiving Message on What Specifically to be Thankful For close-to Thanksgiving Week
  • November 23, 2003: I Know - Confidence in Christ: a "Who you know--not what you know" concept Thanksgiving Week 2003
  • May 23, 2004: Sincerely Serving God - Our relationship with God is not to be casual; our devotion not less than 100%
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    Hope: Spiritual motivators, rechargers and testimonies
  • September 10, 2000: Spiritual Suicide - How you can prevent it--even as a saved Christian
  • September 10, 2000: Hope--Anchor of the Soul - How your life drifts without the anchor of Jesus
  • September 17, 2000: Supplying the Strength for the Saints - How to increase your spiritual strength
  • October 29, 2000: Revival and Regeneration - You either need one or the other and if you're saved, you need revival all the time
  • November 12, 2000: The Cross that Christ has Called Us to Carry - A message for those who are weary of the "burdens" they carry
  • November 19, 2000: Testimonies of Thanks - A sermon form the congregation
  • November 30, 2000: 2000 REVIVAL WEEK: DAY 2/5 - How to Have a Merry Heart - GOD wants you to be cheerful even in the bad times
  • May 26, 2002: Stirred Up - Keeping the spiritual fire burning in the midst of the world's activities
  • February 2, 2003: Ernest Greene - The testimony of a man; a reflection of Paul the Apostle
  • March 30, 2003: Resurrection of Jesus Christ - What your hope is built on
  • June 20, 2004: Never Lose Heart - In success and in the midst of failure, pray always, seeking humility, patience and faith
  • November 14, 2004: Rise from drugs - Personal testimony from pastor Dr. Ted Stone and his student, Phil
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    The world according to God: Answering the question, "why did this have to happen?"
  • April 17, 2002: Works of the Holy Spirit - Why it was better for Jesus to return to Heaven than stay on earth
  • May 18, 2003: For Good - How events perceived by man as bad really end as good
  • September 7, 2003: True Purpose - All things--good and bad--in your life ultimately have a good outcome IF you abide in God
  • October 19, 2003: His Will Be Done - Understanding why His plan for you is better than your own--even if it means bad things happen
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    The Final Days: knowing how this world ends today
  • February 25, 2001: Conventions of the Second Coming - Using the past to determine the future
  • October 13, 2002: Don't Fear the Future - The saved in Christ already know their future--tomorrow through eternity
  • April 13, 2003: Future City - Leaving your city for the Heavenly City, today
  • October 12, 2003: Kingdom Of God - Comparing earthly kingdoms to God's Coming Kingdom
  • November 30, 2003: He is Coming - Preparing for the Lord's any-moment return Thanksgiving Weekend 2003
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    False Doctrine: Recognizing and Dispelling
  • March 7, 2004: Dead To Sin - Man's interpretation/reaction to being freed from sin's power and penalty upon being saved
  • January 9, 2005: Test the Spirits - Don't take the teacher at face value--cross-reference his teaching with God's Word
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    Peace, rest and relaxation: How to find the impossible
  • June 28, 2000: Rest in the Lord - Find your desires are fulfilled by "resting" in the Lord.
  • July 9, 2000: Pursuit of Perfect Peace - Better than any inner peace conceived by man
  • April 25, 2004: Life is Easy - The world's secret to success/relief is complicated and uncertain; Jesus' is a one-step guarantee
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    The Marriage Triangle: you, spouse, God
  • February 13, 2005: Principles of Marriage - Biblical foundations that guarantee marital success Valentine's Week 2005
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