• Studying this epistle (the entire book--all 6 chapters) will
  • Here, Paul is continuing the theme of being attacked by the false teachers who charge Paul is a self-proclaimed minister with a false gospel.
  • The beginnings of the books Acts and Galatians, together, are important in that they can be cross-referenced to piece together chronological bits of Paul's post-saved journeys.
  • Now with Paul saved, he preached with fervor and fire. Yet, while the listeners were amazed (Acts 9:21) this was the same Paul who severely persecuted the church (Galatians 1:13-14), Paul's brethren--the other disciples--were afraid of him (Acts 9:26). However, Barnabas vouched for him (Acts 9:27) because he had seen Paul preach. Thus, the brethren feared Paul no longer as an adversary

  • Acts 9:31 then Acts 15:1: Then for a period of time, the church had rest (Our church's first four years were of much needed rest). And of course, after a period of time, trouble had to again stir in Acts 15:1.
  • Galatians 2:2: Getting back on track ... "were of reputation" in this passage means the Jewish people. Thus Paul preached the one, true gospel to both Jews and Gentiles!

  • Galatians 2:3: Even though circumcision was a traditionally Jewish law under Moses' Law, we see that Titus (who's with Paul) is not compelled to follow this age-old tradition.

  • Acts 15:11,24: This is a confirmation that Peter and Paul preached the same gospel and a summation of this lesson: you are saved by faith alone and not by good works. If anyone adds to this, they are promoting "legalism" and their claim is only a (unnecessary) requirement of man ... not GOD.