• The tradition of gift exchange--not giving--began in an unknown time.

  • Today, Christmas is seen by individuals as an expectation of getting something (i.e., "What did you get me for Christmas? huh huh huh?").
  • Your birthday is not about the exchange of gifts. Everyone gifts you a gift. And just like Christmas, which is about Jesus' birthday, we should look to give Him a gift without expecting a return (i.e., reading your bible from cover to cover).

  • #1/4: Let's examine the background of Isaiah 9:6...
  • #2/4: Note what is GIVEN
  • #3/4: WHY did man receive this Gift from GOD?
  • #4/4: WHO are the gift's RECIPIENTS?

  • Most people are fascinated only with the gift-wrapping of the present--hearing about the Gift GOD hath given us ... but they never invest the time to open and explore the Gift.

  • So open the Gift and what do you see? The Bible.