• God commands and expects us to "grow in grace."

  • How can you mark or measure your spiritual growth?
  • 2 Peter 3:17: It is possible to grow backwards: when you become indifferent or stop giving money or don't attend church. Or even worse, become involved in the occult or psychics or Ouija <wee-gee> boards. Be careful!

  • God says to be on your guard, which means be on the offensive, so you may grow in grace.

  • Growing means progress. To grow is to increase in size or quality. Progress means becoming larger or more mature.
  • Your MOTIVATION for growing spiritually:
  • A small child who watches his mother mix ingredients into a pan doesn't know what the ingredients are. It doesn't have an understanding. But it wants to mimic what the parent is going, so without knowing any better, the child could follow instructions to bake a cake but mix arsenic in place of another ingredient because all it saw mommy do was mix different colors.

    In the same manner, a Christian with little to no understanding of the ingredients the preacher is mixing to present to the congregation, the Christian mimic's the preacher by speaking--but the Christian doesn't have the understanding to convey the message. The intentions are good but the results are zero.

  • 1 Peter 2:2: This verse tells us as newborn babies (born again Christians), we need the "milk of the word" (the Word of God from the Bible) so that we may grow. We must understand the preacher... not mimic him.

  • Jeremiah 3:15: God tells us specifically who will feed us--pastors. And will you digest what the pastor feeds you? Ask yourself: are you digesting the Word or just holding it in and spitting it out after you leave the church service? If you don't like the chef's work (pastor), talk to the farmer (God).

  • Ephesians 4:11-15: God has given us all these persons so that we may grow spiritually and not be tossed around by man's doctrine. Through God, we will understand what is right and wrong and not rely on man's craftiness.

  • 2 Corinthians 9:10: With a successfully planted seed that is given proper nurturing and has the will to grow, it will bear good fruits. However, take heed! If you slide back in your spiritual and moral attitude, God will not hesitate to prune your tree to the point you're a stump, if need be, in order to kill the disease in your tree so that you may once again bear fruit.

  • John 15:8: Jesus acknowledges that we shall bear much fruit and be his disciples if we grow His way. So--again--compare your growth to a year ago from today until today. Tiny growth is better than no growth at all. Even very old trees can bear large and desirable fruit.


  • If you have a young one who is weak in the faith, do not discourage or chastise him. Feed him the Word of God, exercise his spiritual side and give them the most powerful weapon on earth--prayer. That person must grow in grace, love, faith, and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

    Let is grow tonight. How? By eating what the pastor has to offer, exercising your faith, and digesting the Word of God.