• INTRODUCTION: Working as a "FedEx" delivery truck driver is a great job: your sole duty is to deliver, on-time, the gift/message/package--nothing more. The deliverer does not open and opinionate/evaluate your mail--recommending whether certain phrases should not have been written to you. The deliverer is not late with your packages/messages.

    Paul, one of Jesus' disciples, gave himself that job description: He declared his purpose in life was to deliver God's Message, the Gospel, to all the world, as God had not written it--not as man has refined it over the centuries (i.e., "New International Version [NIV]")

    The message (Gospel) can be delivered in many contexts (i.e., song, teaching, example, Sunday morning service), but the content (the words of the message) must be given from the deliverer (i.e., preacher) to the receiver (audience) WITHOUT changing any of the words/meaning of the message (Gospel)--something seen regularly throughout the churches of the world today for the purpose of attracting people and not fixing on the original Gospel message (Reference: FOXNews.com, "Religion Gets Supersized at Megachurches", 3 Feb 04)

  • Matthew 28:19-20: We are commissioned by Jesus to carry His message, unmolested/unchanged, to the unsaved of the world; Per the title, our message to others should not be about us but about Jesus Christ, so the lost may become saved
  • TESTIMONY: Delivering God's message through yardwork
  • Today's culture theme is (unlike the title of this message): "My message is about me"
  • In the United States' spirit of "freedom of expression," people express their uniqueness to others in the tattoos they wear, the cars they drive and the clothes they wear, which is supposed to provide the positive answer to the question, "what will they think of me?"

  • John 3:30: Society's priority is reversed: we must work to "become less" and that God "becomes more" in the eyes of the rest of the world because what matters is what God--not man--thinks of you
  • Keeping God's message from becoming twisted is difficult but not impossible
  • EXAMPLE: Of how much Jesus loves you

  • Your message (expression) to the world should not be about you--but about God

  • It's not the physical size of the church that matters (i.e., Megachurches), it's the number of souls that church has saved

  • Execute and promote the Gospel (God's message) exactly as it's written and you will succeed--just as Willy did;
  • Matthew 22:37-39: Be a neighbor to your neighbor even if he's not one to you--this is God's second most important commandment to you