• Luke 8:43-48: This true story is about a woman with internal bleeding who spent all her earthly finances and time on doctors and physicians. But in all that, they could not help her. She was lost and undone. She was finally resolved to seek Jesus.

  • This woman realized she had a need. She was finally going to reject the world's way--with all its earthly healing and meditation programs. She was going to get help from Jesus--who's way to reject solutions thought of by the world.

  • Luke 10:20: Coming to Jesus is the most important factor in your entire life. God has allowed medical science to further the lifespan of man. The lifespan today is much greater than it was hundreds of years ago. For that, you have that much more time to be saved and serve God.

  • Have you ever met someone who was sorry they were saved? Once you are saved, you are:
  • Luke 8:47-48: And as the story showed, this woman's need was met. (Note that Jesus wasn't mad she came to Him. Rather he was glad and encouraged her faith.) That is how lost people approach Jesus today and if you're one of them, this is how He will respond to you.

  • Matthew 7:13-14: If you walk the "streets of life," you are going to find more people of this world will go to hell than heaven. This is fact of life, folks.
  • "Either you're a saint, or you ain't." If you're saved, you're a saint for heaven. If not, you're lost and don't know Jesus and he doesn't know you (yet, hopefully).

  • Your Faith Missions Promise (a financial contract between you and God to assist missionaries in reaching the lost--both here and abroad) is not just a church donation. It's not a contribution where a certain percentage of it is skimmed off the surface for other purposes. 100% of your money is the sewing that will do God's work AND come back to you after many days (see "Economy of God" (Thursday evening's missionary sermon) for details.

    Can you hear as I do the voice from deep within that bids me hear the cries from souls lost in sin. Can you feel compassion flowing from the voice for all those sin-sick souls who need to make the choice. Can you hear as I do the voices from outside their cries so very desperate despair on every side. No place to run for comfort from troubles which abound in every walk of life no hope err can be found. We must reach out at once don't wait err its too late JUST GET THEM TO JESUS!! eternal life doth there await. Can you hear as I do the voices from above praying for the lost ones left behind--they love. Oh listen to the voices of the saints as they pray, "JUST GET THEM TO JESUS" so they'll be with us someday. Can you hear as I do the voices from below crying out in agony, "TELL THEM WHAT YOU KNOW" Tell them of the folly of Satan's evil way does ever devour he always makes you pay. A price so high, so final if you but only knew the payment eternal torment for the sin you did pursue. Tell them of salvation the message plain and clear just get them to Jesus and keep them out of here.

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