• Today, too many Christians have run from religious conversations because they don't know what or why they believe what they believe.

  • 1 John 5:13: GOD wants you to know what to believe. The truth will more than set you free--it will give you eternal life.
  • Too many Christians don't have 100% hope in Heaven so they spend all their time in this life grabbing all of this world's gusto they can--living as there is no tomorrow.

  • "How can you know you're going to Heaven when you die?" - 3 things

  • Assurance has nothing to do with eternal security. Eternal Security is that which GOD grants to save you to the end day; Either He saves you or He doesn't--and that's 100% YOUR decision.

  • The purpose of this sermon is to strengthen your feelings so that that you're not persuaded by every new idea, trend, and philosophy that the world introduces daily (Ephesians 4:14)

  • If someone comes and knocks on your door, and you don't confront their claim then shame on you. With all the church and Sunday school we have, we should know what and why we believe. We should welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone about the Salvation we have in Jesus Christ

  • Be like Paul before King Agrippa (Acts 25:23 - 26:28). Paul wasn't trembling--he was bold and happy and knowledgeable about his testimony. Paul counts it a privilege to tell