• What are you willing to die for? To kill for? Create a list of concepts or beliefs and you have what's called a conviction.

  • Some things are worth dying for. When a declaration of war is signed, the president is sending you to kill in order to defend or attack.

  • Some things are not worth dying for. Bungee cord jumping--is it worth that few second thrill in risking your life against an eternal death?

  • When you kill, it better be for a good reason. You're not just killing but plunging a soul into eternity--possibly hell when they still could've been saved.

  • 2 Corinthians 12:20: Just as the bible predicted, today we have terrorism, bombed, hated, beatings, thefts, separation, threats, debating, etc. EXAMPLES:
  • 1 Thessalonians 5:21: Today, many churches have left their biblical convictions and don't want the truth. Church members don't want to be told what they should and shouldn't be doing. They want to feel good about themselves and thus don't want preached God's word but some other word because they enjoy what the bible says not to do. These church members don't want their conscience to convict them because of God's word.

    Some day, we may elect a governing body that influences the church to preach what it wants the members to hear.
  • WHO has a conscience and convictions? We all do. However, some elect to leave theirs empty for their own selfish wants and desires.

  • The conscience
  • Types of conscience
  • WHY have conscience/convictions?
  • HOW TO GET biblical convictions
  • What if you don't develop bible convictions? You'll embrace all views, fall for anything (fads, doctrines), and generally be in a miserable life.

  • What if you develop the wrong biblical convictions? John 16:2 is an extreme possibility--and it has come to pass.
  • When it comes time to take a life, be sure you have God's approval.
  • When it comes time to give your life, make sure it's for a good cause.

  • With a biblical-founded conscience and convictions, they can take your money away, they can take your church away, they can take your freedom away, and can threaten and take your life away, but a steadfast, convicted conscience will answer with "and I'll keep preaching the Good News."