• John 16:5-6: The disciples interpret that Jesus is going to leave them permanently. They don't want Him to leave.
  • John 16:8: Aren't you glad it's not your job but GOD's to straighten other people out and get their act together?
  • Philippians 1:29: Keep in mind being saved doesn't mean an easy life. We must also show joy in suffering ... just as Peter did while in prison (Acts 12:5).

  • The lost of the world do not need a Savior until they know they are lost. When do they find out? When we, who are charged with spreading GOD's word (when saved) to all the world, tell them (Matthew 28:19).
  • The process is: when a pastor gives a message (or sermon) he is sharing GOD's Word. During this time, it is GOD who convicts the heart of man through the hearing of GOD's Words from the Bible (Romans 10:17).

  • Therefore, we can conclude that it was better for Jesus to leave us to ascend into Heaven. We should give thanks daily for this.

  • In the meantime, our daily prayer is for Jesus to "come again." Until He does, the Spirit is working in us. CONCLUSION: We are never alone. We never have been truly alone.

  • It is not our (or a pastor's) job to "beat people up and drag them into church." Our job is simply to spread (impart) GOD's Word. Let GOD do the convicting.