• Given the recent rash of pedophiles in the Catholic church, remember that for those remaining who did nothing wrong, the leadership is still there and we are to refer to them as "sir."

  • The deacon ministry is critical to the church and we want to add members who will strengthen and accomplish the missions of the ministry.

  • Pastor Branson, at one of the former churches be attended, was a youth group teacher. At his fourth deacon meeting, he was kicked out because he contested the false doctrine of the church leaders.
  • DEACON REQUIREMENTS (1 Timothy 3:8-13)

  • Pastor Branson's dad brought him up with: "I don't care how bad you've been treated by this world. Never be run off from serving GOD."

  • We should all strive to be in the position of spiritual leadership so GOD can accomplish great things through us.

  • A prayer for us all: that GOD would continue to raise these kind of people (church leaders)

  • 1 Timothy 3:13: If the church recognizes/selects you to serve, it is counted upon you a great honor. Peace will flourish and the ministry will continue to grow. Yet, temptation will be none the less!