• What is desperately needed in the church today is an old fashioned church revival.
  • Being self-reliant, self-ruled, and self-righteous (and a lot of these people are saved Christians) are signs we are in the last days (The "Church Age") before the Rapture.
  • Ephesians 5:14: We are living in day/time where eternal souls are perishing without being aware there is hope. People must yield to GOD's Word/will. Judgment and conviction must first come at the house of GOD (the church).

  • Today, we are living in such a world of convenience. Life is so easy and good (for the most part) that convenience of entertainment ultimately distracts us from duties and our commitment to GOD (i.e., digital cable TV with remote control, microwave, cars, restaurants, computers, music, accessibility to porn, drugs, etc.)

  • Do you need or want revival? You should because, as the bible says, we need--AGAIN--revival (in which the word "again" in the bible implies we will lose faith an infinite number of times until Rapture).