• Tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, is a solemn day for all Americans ... especially Christians

  • Today, it seems the importance of Thanksgiving is steadily decreasing while the importance of Halloween is increasing. To the United States, Thanksgiving Day is becoming simply a "speed bump" to Christmas.
  • After Brother Weibe did a search on the word "Thanksgiving" on the internet, he came up with some interesting facts few of us know today: Thanksgiving was officially proclaimed in this country only three times.
  • Therefore, Brother Weibe has come to the conclusion the last thankful generation in American history (but not proclaimed) was the World War II generation.
  • Thanks be to GOD not just for sustaining our country but for something more important--life and the free gift of eternal salvation.

  • Matthew 1:5: Who is the most thankful person in the bible? Brother Weibe speculates it's Ruth.
  • So what was the cause of being thankful in all of this?? A need was met.

  • Perhaps those just recently saved are more thankful than those saved at birth (a term Pastor Byrd refers to as, "being saved too long").
  • We need the "gratitude attitude" always.