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Rooster, this is a great set of resources you've compiled! Thanks for keeping the faith.

- 02/26/2023 at 15:49:48 EDT
Posted by

Happy 25th anniversary, website! And my thanks to all those who've contributed to it! --C.H.

CHarley Haag <>
- 07/20/2022 at 22:33:08 EDT
Posted by

Greetings in Jesus name. What a blessing it was seeing and hearing your church's message and songs.

Dr Clarence E Davis <>
St Petersburg, FL, United States - 08/28/2020 at 12:20:23 EDT
Posted by

Great material on your website, too much to view in one visit. I've bookmarked your site for easy reference later on. Mostly searching for good evangelism training/teaching/methods. Blessings

Bruce Paddle <>
Campbell River, BC, Canada - 11/17/2019 at 19:41:08 EDT
Posted by

Hi Chuck! If you can, let us know how you are doing and where you are. Great site! Keep in touch. Peg & Norm

NJB <>
TRAVERSE CITY, MI, USA - 07/20/2018 at 13:51:00 EDT
Posted by

Stay safe thou adventurer. May the blessings that God offers be granted to you.

ken haag <>
englewood, fl, United States - 07/18/2018 at 21:28:56 EDT
Posted by

21 Years, that is insane! The site gets better everytime I visit and I learn something new. Keep up the great work Chuck!

Sarah Austin <>
Westland, MICHIGAN, United States - 07/18/2018 at 10:47:25 EDT
Posted by

Some very good content on this site. As an ordained minister working with the Christian Crusaders [A non-profit ministry] in the motorcycle world I enjoy finding things I can use to reach people for Christ. Not sure if you are still keep site going. I hope so. Pray for this ministry. We are all over the USA & have ministries in Sweden, Canada & now in Brazil. God bless you. Remember if you have a question; Jesus has the answer.

Brother Reno <>
Walla Walla, WA, USA - 02/19/2014 at 19:09:09 EDT
Posted by

In Jesus name to be forever Invincible Untouchable and Invisible to Everyone all except my Family and Friends. In Jesus name I pray that my mom will be forever Healed and Cured of pain and agony she's enduring with her right Knee.In Jesus Name I pray to be able to lose weight 50 pounds keeping it off forever.In Jesus name I pray that I will be Forever healed of Mental Ilness Bipolar/Schizoaffective Disorder and that I will never ever again have to take meds for these illnesses.In Jesus name I pray Amen And Amen.

Melina Messer <>
Dayton, OH, USA - 10/15/2013 at 16:19:35 EDT
Posted by

The Easter Bunny and Matthew 26:14-29 Judas the betrayer of Jesus and Peter the denier of knowing Jesus. Both committed sin in what they did to Jesus,but they dealt with it differently. Judas tried to give the 30 pieces of silver back to the Pharisees who gave it to him to betray Jesus (they were jealous of Jesus and offended that he rightly accused them of hypocrisy and other sins). When they refused to take it back,Judas went and hung himself.He did not repent nor seek forgiveness. Peter denied knowing Jesus 3 times when he was sitting out in the courtyard. But after he repented and was forgiven when Jesus asked him 3 times if he loved him,and commissioned him. Two different apostles,two

Len Hanley <>
USA - 03/24/2013 at 16:12:55 EDT
Posted by

Merry Christmas! With Love to Jesus from Russia.

Ludmila <>
Kandalaksha, Russia - 12/25/2012 at 03:10:49 EDT
Posted by

Nice to see you are still keeping this up. It brings back old memories.

melissa <>
sin city, USA - 08/22/2012 at 03:07:18 EDT
Posted by


Suna, Africa, KENYA - 02/05/2010 at 04:32:47 EDT
Posted by

Iam a missionary worker in India. I am spreading spreading and willing soul in between slum and village Children. Please start ministry in India. And also pray for us.

Ebenezer Das Masih <>
Sehore, M.P, India - 02/16/2009 at 04:49:53 EDT
Posted by

Keep it up to help our new generation.I'm also working with Orphans Foundation Fund in tanzania. i would like to be working patner so that we cane save the soul of the young one in Tanzania. Otherwise together we shall prosper. Yours ; APPELL.

Posted by

Thank you for making this sermon I am a christian and have a some doubt but I do believe that Jesus rose again..

Phill Yoon <>
Tigard, OR, USA - 06/06/2006 at 04:18:21 EDT
Posted by

the spirit realm, angels, demons, and hell are all real

robert jamal wallace
Jacksonville, FL, USA - 01/01/2006 at 05:38:46 EDT
Posted by

Congratulations for being on the Net for 8 years since July 16, 1997. To God be the glory.

Ruby D Reyna <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 07/15/2005 at 22:31:34 EDT
Posted by

This is the Best site in the world. May God Bless you all.

Paul Lanham <>
Woy Woy, NSW, Australia - 07/12/2005 at 06:24:55 EDT
Posted by

Happy 4th of July, 2005!

Ruby <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 07/04/2005 at 11:02:25 EDT
Posted by

My beloved in Christ I greet you in the most highly exalted name of ourLord and Savior Jesus Christ.God has privileged me to share the activities of ourministry with you through the letter. My name issudhakar kancharla . I have been doing the ministry ofthe Lord for the last 9 years. There are 70 familymembers in our Church. The name of our church is“Hermon Pray Tower”. By grace of God I could establish14 churches in different areas in these 9 years. 12Associates are co-operating with me in the ministry ofGod all our church members eke out they’re living asdaily wage laborers. Please pray for congregationalmembers.Our main purpose Gospel works we as a team, reach manyareas with the gospel and share the message of God’sunconditional love for all mankind. We distributetracts, new testimonies and Christian literature freeof charge. We conduct gospel meetings and crusades.Not only we are doing God’s work we are doing socialwork also. I have an orphanage in which I am lookingafter 20 children they are orphans who last both theparents. I am providing food, Education and Shelter tothem sometimes I am not able to meet even their basicneeds they are away from proper food and clothing manydays in a month. Their condition is very pathetic now.I need some sponsors to take up the care of theseorphans please remember this orphans in your prayers.We are constructing the Church Building I have nohouse also we need at for the church to construct thebuilding some sponsors please pray for that.We have no connection with any organization and nosupport from anywhere we are continuing forwardindependently in the ministry by basic faith in Godalmighty. We need your leadership guidance andco-operation for the extension of god’s kingdom inIndia. I have brought our ministry to your kind noticeprayerfully and faithfully.Therefore, Please consider all these issues and extendyour helping hand to us.I look forward to your favorable response hopefully.Your In Jesus Christ,Sudhakar.k

Ponnur, A.P., India - 06/23/2005 at 12:27:46 EDT
Posted by

Hi,great stuff here.Angus.

Angus Hinderem <>
Sydney, Aswer, USA - 06/08/2005 at 05:33:34 EDT
Posted by

Nice site.

John Dobson <>
Vegas, NV, USA - 06/06/2005 at 18:13:57 EDT
Posted by

Great site,really enlighted me

Allan Pangborn <>
Castle Rock, ME, USA - 06/06/2005 at 14:45:18 EDT
Posted by

Great site, I did enjoy looking round, and thoroughly liked the content , layout and design. Most impressed :)V x

Vienna <>
NY, NY, USA - 06/05/2005 at 14:11:25 EDT
Posted by

Hi, im from Thailand, good site

supachai <>
Bangkok, Bangkok, Thailand - 06/03/2005 at 08:10:01 EDT
Posted by

WHat you're doing is great! Keep it up!

Rachel <>
Yucaipa, CA, USA - 06/02/2005 at 17:56:14 EDT
Posted by

God bless this site

randy wonker <>
Halle, Pr, Germany - 06/01/2005 at 17:35:01 EDT
Posted by

As a small rural Pastor, I always enjoy these spiritual sites. God bless you and all of your visitors.

Pastor Derry Sellbydate <>
Tregumby, Cornwall, UK - 05/30/2005 at 10:06:31 EDT

God Bless

Mark <>
Paddington, NC, USA - 05/30/2005 at 07:44:47 EDT
Posted by

Thank you for using your God given talent to spread the "good news" on the Internet. It's a blessing to everyone and it gives God the glory!

King Gobis Ite <>
Cali, Cali, USA - 05/29/2005 at 05:53:29 EDT
Posted by

Wonderful Site !!!!!

Charles Williams <Patricia_W_2000@Yahoo.Com>
Philadelphia, PA, USA - 05/27/2005 at 13:33:42 EDT
Posted by

I like the site, greetings from Germany

Franz Muckefuk <>
Aachen, BW, Germany - 05/27/2005 at 13:31:30 EDT
Posted by

Jolly Good Site!

Sidney Barrett II <>
Beverly Hills, CA, USA - 05/25/2005 at 21:21:40 EDT
Posted by

Hello friends! Praise be to god, with the good will of jesus, live pious and be sound!

Rev Clarence Funderbunk <>
New York, NY, USA - 05/23/2005 at 21:32:54 EDT

God Bless!!

Dick Fox <>
Norman, OK, USA - 05/23/2005 at 16:47:36 EDT
Posted by

Great website! Thank you and GOD BLESS YA'LL!

Father Paticus Medown <>
Beverly Hill, California, USA - 05/23/2005 at 09:21:11 EDT
Posted by

Dear brother in Christ,Greetings in the name of Jesus.I have been going through the I am learning more spiritual things through the sermons. They are very useful in my life. Please pray for me and my ministry. I am an evangelist and doing the ministry. I conduct meetings regularly. On every Saturday I conduct youth meeting at my church. Preach in my church and I go to villages for preaching and proclaining the gosple of Jesus Christ. I conduct youth meeting at hostels, Post Centres,and other places. Please pray that the Lord may use for His glory in the days to come. I have one son and daughter and they are studying. Kindly pray for may wife and children.Thanking you.

M.Vinod Babu <>
Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India - 04/21/2005 at 06:52:19 EDT
Posted by

As your warclub and weapons of war I forever undam and blowup all walls of protection around all witches warlocks,wizards,Satanists,Sorcerers and the like and I forever break the power of all curses hexes,vexes,spells,charms,psychic prayers,psychic thoughts,mental thoughts,and the like and return it and everything else being sent my way to its sender one hundred fold and bind it to them by the blood of jesus

Melina Messer <>
Beavercreek, OH, USA - 03/18/2005 at 14:33:09 EDT
Posted by


pastor isaac maila odah <>
Kaduna, Kaduna State, Nigeria - 02/16/2005 at 07:10:19 EDT
Posted by

The real-time prayer request link is a wonderful blessing to all who use it.

Ruby D Reyna <>
San Antonio, TX, USA - 02/05/2005 at 21:33:16 EDT
Posted by

This wonderful miracle Jesus is for you andbeautiful sweet to worship and believe, be touch of the Holy Spirit and joy with the heavenly wine.pray for new revival.Blessing keijo sweden

keijo <>
södertälje, Sweden, USA - 01/29/2005 at 15:36:17 EDT
Posted by

Great to visit your page, most of my spirituality comes from the out doors and in nature - all of Gods work!!! I hope people take notice of what is around them and feel the powers of our beautiful world - there is an amazing power out there..... Thank you... Mark

Mark <>
London, London, UK - 01/13/2005 at 01:12:11 EDT
Posted by

This spiritual cleansing is such a crock of bull. You're no better than all the crazy cultists; in fact, you're one of them. I hope you enjoy your crutch, and the eternity you'll be spending in a wooden box 6 feet under a mound of dirt! Think what you must to feel better about dying.

Nicole <>
Boston, MA, USA - 11/28/2004 at 10:09:47 EDT
Posted by

I love you god and Jesus really do Love Chantelle

Chantelle <>
Davidson sk, North America, Canada - 11/20/2004 at 22:08:25 EDT
Posted by

Hello from Cali. Cool site indeed!

Steven <>
CA, USA - 11/06/2004 at 18:11:20 EDT
Posted by

Hmmm....try reading 1 Peter 3:21

Iain <>
Glasgow, Ohio, UK - 08/02/2004 at 13:54:45 EDT
Posted by

Today we have very great opportune to read from bible and rejoice.My greting to your is psalm 23.Pray with me for mighty revival.Blessing keijo sweden

keijo <>
södertälje, Sweden, Sweden - 07/23/2004 at 02:25:18 EDT
Posted by

to all fellow believers, this book and experence will always remind me, that there is a hell and it wants to swallow the whole world if it could, keep incouraged and spread the awesome news that JESUS does L and will save you, spread the wonderful news that he is more alive then you could even imagine...remember this book is a excellent tool to spread the good news that we dont have to go visit and live there forever,,, as you no JESUS will not allow any returns , now is are chance to determin are future, only because the price he paid nothing else, not because we are worthy,good,gave up anything, we are not worthy of his mersey, he has chose us to spread the good NEWS NOW. GOD BLESS YOU

David <>
Riverside, CA, USA - 06/27/2004 at 23:36:44 EDT
Posted by

Chuck,Just checking in. Your web site is getting better and better. We belong to People's Baptist Church in Greenville, NC. Dr. Max Barton is Pastor and doing a great job! I'm currently stationed at Seymour Johnson AFB (F-15Es). Mark, my son, graduated H.S. this year and is already at PCC in Florida in their summer work program. He will study music education. I miss you my brother! Stay faithful! Bro Jamie

Jamie Allen <>
Kinston, NC, USA - 06/12/2004 at 21:33:24 EDT
Posted by


Beverly <>
Newport, KY, USA - 06/06/2004 at 17:40:41 EDT
Posted by

visiting in Jesus name

Bob <>
Indianapolis, IN, USA - 05/21/2004 at 15:50:57 EDT
Posted by

I love this page. It looks really nice. Keep it up.

asaba owerri <>
aba, okija, Lagos - 05/19/2004 at 06:59:02 EDT
Posted by

I thank you for the friends I have met through the time I've been riding. I always get approached by other christian people that comment about the "JESUS FISH" I like to wear on the Back of my riding vest... I would like to join your club and witness to other people. I actually relax and enjoy speaking with people about my "LORD and Savior"...Thanks again and my prayers of our Almighty GOD to enrich your life and bring you to everlasting life with HIM, and may he lift you up and feel the wonderful Peace that passes all understanding be with you and seal you from the "EVIL ONE". In the peace of our lord and savior Christ Jesus.

Jay C. Picard <>
Middleburg, FL, USA - 01/30/2004 at 21:46:45 EDT
Posted by

all praise to the lord jesus christ!

tabitha <>
USA - 01/04/2004 at 23:19:58 EDT
Posted by

yes friend JESUS CHRIST is the almighty,and there is no other god before him.he is the savior and distroyer,knowing what is to come give your heart unto the lord.GOD bless and thank you sincerely bro. rob

Rob <>
Richmond, VA, USA - 11/25/2003 at 17:43:34 EDT
Posted by

God is good-all the time..I am a teacher of the word in my fellowship ...your site is spiritually sound and very informative.Both myself and my congregation benifit from your teachings.

Lionel Shunmugam <>
Durban, South Africa - 10/17/2003 at 15:04:22 EDT
Posted by

God is good all the time!

Keenan O'Neal <>
Auburn, Alabama, USA - 07/11/2003 at 14:23:25 EDT
Posted by

I found the site to be very informative and helpful God Bless.

Patrick Bradley <>
Osceola, AR, USA - 04/01/2003 at 19:16:41 EDT
Posted by

Thank you for using your God given talent to spread the "good news" on the Internet. It's a blessing to everyone and it gives God the glory!

Ruby D. Reyna <>
USA - 02/21/2003 at 10:42:07 EDT
Posted by

I do not know Jamie but I love this web page. In all we do it should be about Jesus. Everything is used for the glory of God, so I get excited everytime I get something like this over the internet.

Dave & Linda Marshall <>
Nacogdoches, TX, USA - 12/18/2002 at 11:36:51 EDT
Posted by

I agree with Jamie, I'm impressed at your efforts on this site - LOTS of work went into this, great to see the net used as another tool to promote salvation. Jamie - Liz and I found a church here in Abilene, Trinity Baptist Church... it's great... excellent Sunday school and very very good serivce... Independent Baptist, uses KJV, very moving... Thanks for the push! - Dave

Dave Weide <>
Abilene, TX, USA - 10/04/2002 at 22:00:58 EDT
Posted by

Great web page. I'm glad to see you still serving the Lord in Texas. Yes, the Lord still loves them Texans. Ha! I'm at school in Montgomery (ACSC) and will leave next June. Take care and be sure to answer those who responded, are lost, and looking for the Savior, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jamie Allen <>
Hampton, VA, USA - 09/16/2002 at 18:22:39 EDT
Posted by

I am really glad that you shared this site with us. I am proud to be among your guests.

Marilyn Dillon <>
Wakeman, USA - 06/16/2002 at 10:08:19 EDT
Posted by

It does my heart good to see that you continue to serve our Lord. Keep on looking up and outward, God is still working.

Lauren Wiebe <>
Alamogordo, NM, USA - 04/05/2002 at 00:25:10 EDT

Good start on your new site. Keep up the good work.

Carolyn <>
Alamogordo, NM, USA - 04/01/2002 at 17:17:20 EDT

God's blessings. Your web page is sending the truth to many homes....It is SPIRITUALLY SOUND for sure!!!!!

Electra G. Pratt <>
Alamogordo, NM, USA - 07/06/2001 at 14:12:33 EDT

hey just looking at diffent jesus sites,good stuff here see ya' pfc poling

matt polin <>
Daphen, AL, USA - 04/02/2001 at 06:03:12 EDT
Posted by

I thank God for giving you the gift to share this web page with us..and I thank you, Brother Haag for your willingness. Psalms118:1

Electra G. Pratt <>
Alamogordo, NM, USA - 02/04/2001 at 16:23:42 EDT

Good site Every blessing

Rev John Keysell <>
- 11/03/2000 at 09:30:22 EDT
Posted by

You have a wonderful web page, thanks for sharing the Gospel. You are in my prayers.

Arthur M. Haag
USA - 10/29/2000 at 11:26:05 EDT

My son, how I will rejoice if you become a man of common sense. Yes, my heart will thrill to your thoughtful, wise ways. (Pr.23:15-16)Good sense is far more valuable than gold or precious jewels. (Pr.20:15) Love,Momxoxo

Susan Haag
USA - 08/27/2000 at 12:40:21 EDT

Each day I walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, it just gets sweeter and sweeter. Thank you Jesus for saving me! Graceand peace...........

Jerel Crew <>
Upper Darby, PA, USA - 08/10/2000 at 10:38:55 EDT

Although I knew Him at scattered times throughout my childhood, I really came to stand in His presence during my college years. Space, it's good to know you are still at it, and your page is an inspiration!

Bethany <>
Guilderland, NY, USA - 06/16/2000 at 13:45:32 EDT

I became a Confirmed Lutheran back in 1992. . . .God Bless you!

Alicia Groneberg <>
Alamogordo, NM, USA - 02/06/2000 at 21:10:19 EDT

The Lord is my rock and my salvation, of whom should i be afraid?

Bloomington, IN, USA - 10/13/1999 at 14:49:16 EDT

I had a terrible dream last night. I saw the depths of hell and ferocious demons and I was in there amongst the fire and the awful stench condemned forever to eternal damnation. I awoke in a cold sweat and have now decided to turn to Jesus, our glorious God and saviour, ever merciful and Holy. I found your page on the net and it has convinced me even more to turn away from my old animistic religion full of sin and idolatory and become a disciple of our great Saviour and follow Him on the path to eternal Glory. However it is hard in a country such as mine, with its great poverty and military rule. I ask all of you who see this message to pray for strength in my soul. Thank you for your guidance my brother. The peace and joy of the Lord Jesus Christ, god and saviour, be with you.

Byglancha Soulaamii
N'Djamena, Chad - 05/28/1999 at 22:19:46 EDT

On May 21,1972 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior. I picked up my new coat of Righteousness bought and paid for by the blood (Life) of Jesus Christ God's Son. As Jesus arose from the grave, so also will I and all who believe and trust in Him. See you in our new home...Dave

Dave Sturey <>
Fairborn, OH, USA - 05/18/1999 at 12:03:35 EDT

I read "A Divine Revelation of Hell" and my mom say Baxter speak. Baxter has a new book out called "A Divine Revelation of Heaven." I haven't read it yet though. You might want to check it out.

Michael Bubeck <>
Sugar Land, TX, USA - 11/09/1998 at 15:40:43 EDT

Everybody everywhere don't be afraid to serve your God and let somebody else known what he has done for you. Become all things to all souls that you might win more for Him. Pick up yor cross and follow Him daily

J. R. Samspon
Tyler, TX, USA - 11/05/1998 at 13:23:29 EDT

Salvation is through Faith by Grace....Remember Ephesians 2. It isn't by works. Read Charles Stanley Eternal Security: Can you be Sure?

Chicago, IL, USA - 10/29/1998 at 01:54:17 EDT

I am trying hard to be saved. It is in my heart and in my mind now all I have to do is do it. I need help please pray for me. I was brought up to think optomisticly. God knows I am trying. I feel it and say it but my blande strenght of emothions stops me. like I am embaressed. Nice web site. You maybe the one who has shown me tward the light Thanks, take care and may god bless you. :)

Brett <>
Silver Spring, MD, USA - 10/13/1998 at 23:33:52 EDT

I am a North American Indian from Canada. Just got thru another Season of the bear As I call it. You guys know it as mabey backslidden times or whatever. This was a long season for me, about a year! I hope things continue to clear up for me I have a very supportive wife that I know will help me and will pray with and for me.Guess What I have not told her yet about my reuniting with God, cause she's sleeping. Anyway just thought you all would like to know.

Patrick Henry <>
Kettlepoint, Ontario, Canada - 09/25/1998 at 23:05:56 EDT

Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. How is every thing going at school, Call me some time.

jonathan romaine <>
Dayton, OH, USA - 08/25/1998 at 09:42:32 EDT

We enjoyed viewing your web page and are both glad your sharing the news of jesus christ on the internet. We both read the book A Divine Revelation of Hell. I read it in 2 days (sara) and Crystal just started reading it yesterday and she's almost done! It's the best book I've ever read. Everyone should know there is a hell and time is running out.

Sara and Crystal <>
Regina, SK, Canada - 06/29/1998 at 14:34:02 EDT

I have just found it today. I was looking for a way to get hold a book of Peter and paul Lalonde. The mark of the Beast. I read it and found it most interesting, a sober presentation of this difficult themes. being a preacher I would like more tiltles, sound, on this theme. can you suggest to me, or provide me with a E-mail address where i can order ? thank you. jakob

Jakob P. Trodahl <>
Stavanger, Norway - 05/16/1998 at 14:44:37 EDT

Today, a friend lent me "A Divine Revalation of Hell" durring my first period class and as soon as I started reading it, I was hooked. It describes in detail as to what Heaven and Hell are like. I am glad I am reading it. This is a Good web site to where I can discover many Christian links. Thank you for this web site. God Bless!!!!

Mark Quintero <>
North Hollywood, CA, USA - 04/29/1998 at 16:08:52 EDT

I thank God all the time for what he's done for me and for what He's doing on this campus.

Chris Kelnhofer <>
Chicago, IL, USA - 04/28/1998 at 00:00:18 EDT

Hello fellow Christians...and some potential AF officers? One of my favorite lines is from the Battlehymn of the Republic (it fits well as Christians and as people who want to serve this great nation): He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free... Great web page, keep the faith, and Godspeed.

Stephanie Sheets <>
Herrin, IL, USA - 04/21/1998 at 13:02:25 EDT

Thank You for your book reviews. I think your righy on the point.Thank CHRIST for HIS taking Mary Baxter into hell to show us what hell is really about,I had already believed in the reality of hell.THANK GOD -for the redemsion of THE BLOOD OF CHRIST! May GOD Bless You --Kathy

kathy hammond <>
Freeport, TX, USA - 04/14/1998 at 18:14:43 EDT

The Lord is my Rock and my Salvation

Mike Shogren <>
Chicago, IL, USA - 04/02/1998 at 17:46:30 EDT

It's been very refreshing to take a look at your web page once more, and, to observe your continuing growth in the Lord. It's not an easy road for a young adult to take a stand for Christ during these "times". Keep "running the race" and God Bless You.

Jeanne L. Cilibraise <>
Livonia, MI, USA - 03/22/1998 at 22:13:58 EDT

Great page!

Andy Morton <>
Victoria, BC, Canada - 03/22/1998 at 03:44:27 EDT

He is.

Chris Haag
- 03/05/1998 at 18:47:38 EDT

I really enjoyed your web page very much and it made me change my life and help me to learn more about Jesus!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Lowry <>
Hayti, MO, USA - 03/05/1998 at 13:19:35 EDT

I thought your page was excellent, i am in a very troubled time right now, the onyl criticism i could make would be to make an area where you can communicate your problems to a person of your faith who could listen and possibly help. Thank you very much.

Jeremiah Johnston <>
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada - 10/31/1997 at 02:15:58 EDT

Praise the Lord for He is AWESOME!

Wade Callahan <>
Chicago, IL, USA - 09/18/1997 at 22:07:46 EDT

My faith has just recently become active within the past year. I'm glad that GOD is coming into every aspect of our lives, including the internet.

Bethany Kay Travis <>
Chicago, IL, USA - 08/27/1997 at 15:17:48 EDT

This page was a great idea. I too am a born again Christian and it is nice to see a page like this. Someday soon I hope to create an OCF (Officer's Christian Fellowship)Web Page. I do hope that it can be linked to this page.

Bryan Middlekauff <>
Wichita, KS, USA - 07/21/1997 at 14:08:05 EDT

The beginning. I hope this web page grows--in members and spirit.

Brother Chuck <>
Chicago, IL, USA - 07/16/1997 at 19:59:31 EDT

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