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  • DAILY NEED: weightloss
    In Jesus name to lose weight keeping it off forever. In Jesus name forever shut the mouths of the Wicked and anyone who Laughs at me has evil and bad to say about me or mocks me in anyway shape or form may their mouths forever be shut and never ever say anything at all if it is evil or Negative forever. In Jesus name no weapon formed against me shall ever prosper. In Jesus name I forever cancel all Evil assignments and plots against me and upon me to be forever Destroyed before they even take place. In Jesus name forever bless those who curse me and endlessly persecute me without cause or reason. In Jesus name to lose all water retention keeping it off forever. In Jesus name forever destroy those who are trying to destroy me and my health causing illness of all kinds to take place with me.
    Posted by Melina from Xenia Ohio on 06/28/24 - 21 days old
    URGENT NEED: Prayer for salvation and protection
    Gracious God. We love you. You are the center of our joy and the strength of our lives. We pray that you will bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins. We ask that you surround our president with Godly council and that all elected officials and world leaders will have wise counsel and have a heart for God. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the corona virus. Lord in your loving kindness and tender mercies hear our prayers and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We give you glory for moving by your spirit and answering our prayers. In Jesus' name, amen.
    Posted by angmbryan on 04/28/20 - 1543 days old
    ANSWERED: Son for healing
    NEED: My son has blood clots in his leg and lungs and needs healing from ever is causing this. He is only 35. His name is Derek God has touched Derek, please pray the Dr. will find out what is casuing the clots.

    HOW ANSWERED: He is out of the hospital and doing much better. Thank you for your prayers. God is awesome.
    Posted by Brenda on 01/26/11 - Answered 04/26/11 (90 days later)
    ANSWERED: Pastor Bloomfield
    NEED: Our Pastor is very ill. Critically ill and needs a miracle from the Lord. His diabetis is out of control and his body is holding water and he has conjestive heart failure. Please join with me and my church for a miracle in this man of Gods life. He has served the Lord for over 50 years. He needs the Lord to help him now.

    HOW ANSWERED: Our beloved pastor went on to be with the Lord. I guess God wanted him home. Thank you for your prayers. Sometimes this is the way the Lord heals.
    Posted by brenda on 01/06/11 - Answered 02/03/11 (28 days later)
    ANSWERED: Cathy
    NEED: My friend Cathy has stage 4 cervical cancer. Please pray for her victory over this. Pray for salvation also. I am not sure of her walk with the Lord.

    HOW ANSWERED: God has moved in a wonderful way for Cathy. The cancer did not go throughout all her body, they have given treatment and removed the tumor and one glan that God kept it in. God is so good. She is now recovering from surgery and is thankful for all your prayers. God bless each one that has prayed for Cathy
    Posted by Brenda on 10/22/10 - Answered 12/03/10 (42 days later)
    ANSWERED: Faith
    NEED: Faith is the little girl with luekemia. God has been hearing your prayers. Faith is still alive and is undergoing treatment. The doctors say she is a miracle. Please keep praying for complete victory in the name of Jesus.

    HOW ANSWERED: Faith is a living miracle, please continue to pray for her as she still has a long way to go. She is doing very well and we know it is prayer. She is scheduled for surgery Jan to replace her skull they removed with an artificial one. Please keep her in your prayers for complete victory in the Lord for her little body.
    Posted by Brenda on 10/22/10 - Answered 12/03/10 (42 days later)
    URGENT NEED: I'm losing my battle...
    Dear God: Ever since I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, my life has been in ruins. The mood swings, the tantrums, and sudden outbursts have hurt people I care about. Now at work when I pulled them all this week, I lost my hours, I lost the chance to work at the PetsHotel, and I've lost all the respect of my fellow co-workers. It's not my fault why I'm like this. I go to the doctor all the time and it was when she lowered my dosage that all this happened. It's not my fault!!!! HELP ME GET MY WORK LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted by midnightbayou on 05/02/09 - 5557 days old
    URGENT NEED: My marriage is falling apart.
    For the last 7 years my husband's mother has not treated me with kindness and respect. She never hardly talks to me at all and it's the reason I've been treating my husband like garbage. Lord, please tell my husband to open his eyes and realize what is going on instead of denying it. Also, I want my husband to treat me as number one in his life. I don't want my marriage to end over an evil mother-in-law!!!! I love my husband with all my heart!!!!!
    Posted by midnightbayou on 12/27/08 - 5683 days old
    URGENT NEED: My job is very stressful
    Dear Lord, My job is getting very stressful. Many changes are taking place physically and emotionally on me. The store manager doesn't treat me good anymore and I wish she would treat me the way she used to: like a valued worker. I did make a mistake on the register that was costly and I highly regret it. Please Lord, will my store manager treat me nice again and will I be able to "roll with the changes?" I feel like God is punishing me for something I don't know about.
    Posted by midnightbayou on 04/16/08 - 5938 days old
    URGENT NEED: I really would like this job
    Dear Lord, Please give me one more chance to work in the movie theater of my dreams. It would be great because I would be closer to home so I can be with my husband and my dog. Please Lord, please give me one more chance!
    Posted by midnightbayou on 01/21/08 - 6024 days old
    URGENT NEED: Please help my husband and I
    We keep getting kicked while we're down! So far this year, I've had to call in sick almost 4-5 times because I have been getting sick with respiratory infections and the stomach flu. And I can tell my boss at work is losing patience with me. Also, my husband had to take a job over the road while his current job laid him off. I need prayers where my job will forgive me for my illnesses and that my husband's current job will have work for him again! We need a miracle!!!!
    Posted by midnightbayou on 02/17/07 - 6362 days old
    ANSWERED: Daughter
    NEED: Please pray for my daughter as she is in pain and maybe loosing the baby or be pregnant in the tube. Please pray for the Lord to guide her doctor and get her help.

    HOW ANSWERED: God is so good, he has just been with my daughter and she is doing so well. She is not pregnant in the tube and God has healed her from something else she had. We are waiting a couple of weeks to see if they can find the baby in the uterus. But she went through a surgical procedure and all is good right now. Thanks you for your prayers.
    Posted by brenforjc from on 10/31/06 - Answered 11/07/06 (7 days later)
    ANSWERED: healing
    NEED: This woman still needs prayer, she had open heart surgery and is stable. She has a long road. God was with her and thank you for your prayers. I know he will complete the work if we agree together in prayer.

    HOW ANSWERED: She made it through 2 surgeries and is now home. God was with her all the way. Thank you so much for your prayers, he answers our prayers.
    Posted by brenforjc from on 07/20/06 - Answered 09/08/06 (50 days later)
    URGENT NEED: Please let this war end
    I really do hope the store manager's plan will help NS and I get to know each other and to stop being scared of each other for good. I really want us two to get along well and do our job together as a team. Please, Lord, please let NS and I be good fellow work associates and to start talking to each other again for the better.
    Posted by midnightbayou on 07/14/06 - 6580 days old
    ANSWERED: homeless,lost ,jobless
    NEED: Yesterday my husband said he was tired of taking care of me and my kids and that he wanted a divorce.hes the reason why I have no job why my kids real dad turned his back on his kids I had a job as an EMT but because he wnte to move I couldn't keep up with my certification and know everthing I allowed him to destroy he's using it against me and know my kids and I are homeless I have three kids and I'm In mississippi therfore everthing is gone and I don't know what to do.its so painfull I go to church I pray fast I do everything and I don't understand why I have so much pain in my life. what did I do so bad to have to go through this why why please pray for god to let me see the light through this tunnel

    HOW ANSWERED: Answered I have a place to stay I have a job
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 07/12/06 - Answered 10/24/06 (104 days later)
    ANSWERED: A manager treating me bad
    NEED: I work for a pet store chain and this one manager, who I will name NS, has been treating me very badly since I started working there one year ago. She treats me like her punching bag like taking her frustration out on me. She hardly ever talks to me at all and hardly ever says hello/goodbye to me. I don't know what I did to her to begin with but I can't take it anymore! We have talked it out a few times, but she always goes back to square one and she doesn't like when I treat her like dirt after she treats me like I'm scum of the earth. None of the bosses will take care of it and I'm asking for the Lord as my last resort. Please, Lord. Please make this war end between NS and I for good and really soon! I can't take it anymore!

    HOW ANSWERED: Well, I tried to talk to NS and I told her I couldn't work with her well because she was making me feel uncomfortable. All she said instead of working it out with me is it's always going to be uncomfortable between us. Well, I broke down and cried and the store manager couldn't take it anymore seeing us two not get along. Her solution is for me and NS to have lunch together to get to know each other.
    Posted by midnightbayou on 06/17/06 - Answered 07/14/06 (27 days later)
    ANSWERED: We Keep getting kicked while we're down!!!
    NEED: I had to take time off from work last month because I got hurt on the job by suffering a hernia. I went back two weeks later and had to go back and stay home a week and a half later because the pain was unbearable. My problem is I'm not getting enough hours at work and my husband's new job is not providing him enough hours for us to make a living. And from there on, all kinds of bad luck has been happening to us like my car getting broken into, allergies and the pain being unbearable, and my husband not getting enough hours at work at all!!! Please, God!!! Please stop making our situation get worse and help us get better so we can go on with our lives!!!!!

    HOW ANSWERED: So far my hours have been steady and Keith's hours have been steady, too. Work wise, it's going okay. Thanks, Lord.
    Posted by midnightbayou on 05/25/06 - Answered 06/17/06 (23 days later)
    ANSWERED: Puppy
    NEED: I know this me be dum to some but any way I have a puppy thats aroung 5 months old and have parvo its one of the most painfull please I praying so hard for my baby please pray

    HOW ANSWERED: puppy died but god bless me with one for free the kind I wanted all my life for free
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 05/08/06 - Answered 07/12/06 (65 days later)
    ANSWERED: school
    NEED: I have three paragrah i have to write correctly please pray this is so important

    HOW ANSWERED: I didnt pass the class but thats okay
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 03/28/06 - Answered 10/24/06 (210 days later)
    ANSWERED: depressed confused
    NEED: I need pray things are so hard in my marragie and allways have been here's a example I went to chruch for the first time in a long time, and I got back home and my husband was mad about the way I folded some towels I m so depressed and its been 4 days since he talk to me I cleaned the house I do ever thing up to yes sir and no sir to him and it's allways a battle with him I'm so so tired and depress I have no one I mean no friends to talk to no family members what am I to do were to go before you say the church its my dads church and its only about 10 members and I tried talking to them so please please help

    HOW ANSWERED: i found peace
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 03/10/06 - Answered 03/28/06 (18 days later)
    ANSWERED: my marragie were still not talking
    NEED: please for god to move on my husband heart ever time I move closer to god its seems like my marragie starts to fall apart please pray

    HOW ANSWERED: we're talking know
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 03/08/06 - Answered 03/28/06 (20 days later)
    ANSWERED: strength
    NEED: My husband just let me know today he didnt care about me Im so hurt he's heartless and mentally abuse towards me im in so much pain i go through so much with my kids trying to go to school and take care of my mom I feel so alone and unloved pleade pray for strength

    HOW ANSWERED: I found a church so i have peace
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 01/25/06 - Answered 03/28/06 (62 days later)
    ANSWERED: my marragie
    NEED: Please pray for my marragie please pray that my husband its so hard been in a marragie when your been neglected ...please pray that my husband will recived the lord in his life that god will touch his heart

    HOW ANSWERED: its okay i just put it in the lords hands
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 01/20/06 - Answered 10/24/06 (277 days later)
    ANSWERED: School
    NEED: Im in school know I have five class but the thing is I have no short term memory so I have to work real hard and study hard and take care of my family please pray that god gives me the strength to do so

    HOW ANSWERED: I passed all my classes
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 01/06/06 - Answered 10/24/06 (291 days later)
    DAILY NEED: Hep C and Sisters
    Ive been writting for some time Sue and Vicki my Two Precious Sisters did Die from Hep C.Sue had liver Failur.Vicki died of Liver Canser,because of Hep C.I need prayer Please I have Hep C and go on Interferon in Feb of 2006.Please pray for Healing,I Love God and beleave he can heal if its Gods Will.Iam scared.Please Pray for my brother hes Grieveing bad he needs God and Jacob,Vickis son.We only have us three here on earth left now.Thank You so much Sherry Atherton please Pray.
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 12/27/05 - 6779 days old
    ANSWERED: My husband
    NEED: Its like my husband and I live separet lives and he likes it like that he sleeps in the room I get the couch we dont talk or anything and he loves it I dont understand whats going on please pray and pray that Ill find a chuch to attend

    HOW ANSWERED: we still have different rooms but he's more loving
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 12/20/05 - Answered 01/06/06 (17 days later)
    ANSWERED: gods will
    NEED: Im going through so much in my marragie I dont know what to do or say but just pray that gods will will be done please pray that god will help me see the truth i been so mental destroyed by my husband mentall abuse I told him and it doesnt make him stop bruies heal by words sits for life please pray

    HOW ANSWERED: he's more loving know
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 12/13/05 - Answered 01/06/06 (24 days later)
    URGENT NEED: Sisters dying
    My one sister already died of Liver Failur 10-27-05.Now Vickie is Dying of Liver Canser,Ammonia is in her brain shes in Hospital coming home to die and me take care of her till she goes with God.Tommorrow I will have 4 months clean and sober,Its been due to God and me doing the foot work Please Pray for our Family for strengh.Thank You Sherry,Please pray for Greg our Brother for Strengh from God,Thank You
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 11/11/05 - 6825 days old
    URGENT NEED: Family
    I prayed for My sisters with Hep C,God took Sue at 1 p.m. Today. Vickie is dying also.I have Hep C and Have to go on Kemo, Meaning interferon Please Pray and the loss we all feel right now.Thank You Sherry and also Iam trying to stay clean and sober through all of this,Please Pray.
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 10/27/05 - 6840 days old
    URGENT NEED: Family
    My sister sue in Idaho is haveing liver Failure her Kidneys are shutting down,Vickie my sister in Tualatin has liver Canser.Please pray for them to have God in there Heart before he takes them home.Please pray that me sherry and Kyle stay close to God and stay clean and sober Im working on 4 months now Kyle is haveing trouble.Iam so in pain Loosing my sisters. Thank You for Prayers Sherry
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 10/18/05 - 6849 days old
    URGENT NEED: my family
    Please pray for my two sisters, Sue mascaro she has liver failur and vickie davie has liver canser.From hep c with prosis.I have hep c and feel guilty its not me please pray.For them and Iam staying clean and sober the 12th ill have 3 months,thanks to God.I Love them so we raised each other.Please pray for Greg our brother also.This is so painfull,and I dont feeel to good stessing so.I need to stay close to God and my family. Thank You so much for all your Prayers.I dont want to loose my Family.There so very precious to me.
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 10/04/05 - 6863 days old
    URGENT NEED: Sisters are Dying
    Vicki Davie and Susan Martinez both have liver problems,Sue is having liver failer and Vickie liver canser.Sue just went into Hospital tonight shes from Idaho Vickie from Tualatin,Oregon.I have liver problems Sherry Atherton and almost 3 months clean and sober please pray for sue and Vickie My Heart is breaking I love my sisters so. Thank You Sherry
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 09/29/05 - 6868 days old
    ANSWERED: Mom's hip replacement surgery
    NEED: I pray for my mom's hip replacement surgery, as it happens today. That it would be uneventful and successful.

    HOW ANSWERED: The hip replacement surgery went as expected and mom is now at home, in the recovery phase. Thanks for your prayers.
    Posted by Webmaster from on 08/18/05 - Answered 09/11/05 (24 days later)
    ANSWERED: Prayer Request for Job & Filling of the Holy Spiri
    NEED: 1).Please pray to Lord Jesus to send His Mighty Angels and break all the evil power which works against me and against my job blessings and to remove all the obstacles and Bless me with a good job in a Bank. I am waiting for a call from a Bank to come to join them. My cv/papers have been approved by dept. manager of a Bank and needed chairmans and chief gen.managers and HRD approval/signature. Please pray for them to sign my cv/papers and let them call me immediately to join them. I cover all of them with the Blood of Jesus. I need this job blessings. . 2) Please also pray to Lord to fill me with His Love, with His Blood and Holy Spirit and anointment and power and use me for His Kingdom. I pray to Jesus to give me gifts of vision, preaching and healing. Thank you and God Bless you all

    HOW ANSWERED: My prayer request for job has been answered by God. One Bank has called me to join them. I will be joining them very soon. I thank and praise God for giving me this job and I Bless His Holy Name. Also I thank Churchsermon Ministry for praying for me. God Bless you all
    Posted by CYRIL from India on 08/04/05 - Answered 06/18/06 (318 days later)
    URGENT NEED: Dead soul...
    I feel like Dead drift wood floating in the ocean and being beaten around by the bashing of huge storms and waves. My life feels like its over. I am not able to cope anymore. I call upon the Lord but I can not see him... Why? I cry out why me Lord? I found an email and it was sent to my wife from her friend saying they should meet up in a hotel room for the night, soon...I have done nothing wrong GOD...why???? Someone please tell me. Please explain to me. I am at my lowest point. I feel like just curling up and dying. I know that's not what he wants but surly Lord Jesus you would stop this now and not after it has already become too late...Someone must have favor with the Lord please ask him for my childrens sake and our marraige that this not continue on and that he gives me the strength to fight and that he restores our marraige..please I'm so at my lowest point in life...please...
    Posted by husbandhurting from on 07/15/05 - 6944 days old
    URGENT NEED: Urgency Needed....
    Please help, this is Husbandhurting. My wife has told me to move out. I have to go by the end of the week, I'm so distressed, my children are so upset they cry "Please daddy don't go" and "Please I'm sorry"..It hurt's so much I cry every minute I hear their voices. I keep telling them it's not their fault and I love them with all my heart and soul like I love Jesus and God. My wife seems to maybe losing her way (I don't know?), she doesn't care what happens anymore, she doesn't seem to care about God's Law about marraige. She doesn't care how I feel or if im hurting. Im so hurting I can not stop crying. I feel like Job. I have lost everything. My world feels like it's caving in. I pray every night and day. I can not bare to be apart from my children...
    Posted by husbandhurting from on 07/12/05 - 6947 days old
    URGENT NEED: Please reunite my wife to me urgently!!!
    My wife and I seperated 3 weeks ago due to a build up of emotional turmoil. After she went back to work she has become really depresed and angry and now our marraige is in turmoil, there was affection for another person she told me but she said nothing will happen. I'm scared that she will not want to have me back. I know she has said that nothing will happen with this man but still it hurt me to know this. I know I haven't been the best husband in the world but I am changing that. I have started to be the husband I should have been. Please pray for my wife and I urgently so that our marriage will be better than before and we will be reunited like God wants us to be and that we can all live under the same roof with God and Jesus and the spirit by our sides
    Posted by husbandhurting from on 07/10/05 - 6949 days old
    ANSWERED: Please pray
    NEED: please pray that god will send peace in my husband heart about moving and that we will please please find a house that fit our budget we will have only 30 days after aug 15 please pray thhat god will help us it is so stressfull and it makes my husband verbally abuse me when he stress out

    HOW ANSWERED: answered were back home got housing in november
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 06/11/05 - Answered 12/13/05 (185 days later)
    ANSWERED: please please pray for my marragie
    NEED: my husband is in one of his moods agin were anything sets him off and he wants a divorce i don't know what to do any more please pray that god will speake the truth to his heart

    HOW ANSWERED: were still married that was a very hard day for me but were still married thank u
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 06/09/05 - Answered 12/13/05 (187 days later)
    URGENT NEED: Staying clean and sober
    Iam so done with alcohol and drugs I told my Husband if he didnt stop We would have to go separate ways,I dont want that,Please Pray that he has the desire to quit not just for us but for himself,I have to put God first and my program PLEASE pray for Kyle and me, Thanks
    Posted by babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 06/07/05 - 6982 days old
    ANSWERED: Still seeking a job
    NEED: I received a job as a multi-tasker vet assistant and it didn't work out at all. I guess it was God's way of telling me I wasn't cut out to be in the veterinary field. I am still looking for another job and it was too late for Dollar General and I don't know if I called in on time to be interviewed at Toys R Us. I still keep applying and all I ask is a prayer or two to help me earn a job that I will keep for a long time. I don't want to put my husband or any other loved one through this suffering. Help me please!!!!

    HOW ANSWERED: I'm sorry about the delay. I got a job at PetSmart and have been there since then.
    Posted by midnightbayou on 05/19/05 - Answered 05/25/06 (371 days later)
    ANSWERED: Seeking a job
    NEED: I just got laid off from my part-time job and I'm having a very hard time getting a new job. I have applied at almost 20 places and all I received was one interview. Still no job yet. Please pray for me that I will receive a job real soon.

    HOW ANSWERED: This morning, I was awaken by a phone call by the vet clinic that I applied to a week ago and was interviewed for. She will let me try out the job on the weekend. He did listen to me. Thank you everyone who prayed for me.
    Posted by midnightbayou on 05/16/05 - Answered 05/19/05 (3 days later)
    DAILY NEED: Very very urgent Financial need
    I request you all to pray for me, as I am in need of finance very badly. I leave it to the lord to guide this day as I want it before the day ends today. I have no source other than my Lord himself. I trust in him & am sure he never lets down anyone who believes in him. Please pray for me. I am scared
    Posted by Rebecca on 05/09/05 - 7011 days old
    URGENT NEED: Urgent Miracle Needed!
    Hi, I asking for prayer for burden removing, financial sabatoging that I have been facing for some while now. I have been going through a very strain and painful times in my life. I see the opposite happening, when I believe in something. I pray for a safe trip and stay in the philippines this spring and I hope of opening many successfull businesses there. I praying for this year 2005 to be my year of change and properity. thank you this is a sincere prayer request! God Bless!
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 03/06/05 - 7075 days old
    NEED: Just a Prayer!
    A businessman needed millions of dollars to close an important business transaction. He went to church to pray for the money. He knelt in prayer next to a man who was praying for a hundred dollars to pay an urgent debt. The businessman took out his wallet and pressed the hundred dollars into the other man's hand. Overjoyed, the man got up and joyfully left the church. The businessman then closed his eyes and prayed, "And now, Lord, that I have your undivided attention...." Shawn
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 03/06/05 - 7075 days old
    NEED: Just a Prayer!
    One God Which Art in Heaven , Hallowed Be Thy Name. Thy gift will come. Thy will be done in Canada or The World , as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily (weekly, monthly or yearly) money or bread. And forgive us our debts , as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation , but deliver us from no money evil or no bread evil: For Thine is the Kingdom , and the power , and the glory, forever. Amen
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 03/06/05 - 7075 days old
    NEED: Help!
    I believe miracles are coming my way.Many blessings soon to come for myself. All my prayers shall be answered more than I ever dreamed of before. Wealth and Success is part of my destiny to come. I believe. thank you and for your prayers.
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 03/06/05 - 7075 days old
    NEED: Prayer Needed!
    Praying for more confident's in myself, self esteem and faith. I'm lacking so much I think, I like to change what's not working for me and make it work. Praying to be more of a positive person, not being so negative, praying for reduce anger and frustration that I have been going through, being successful at whatever I do or need in life.
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 03/06/05 - 7075 days old
    URGENT NEED: Financial Help!
    Would you pray for me, Praying for my friend Shawn, wish all his dreams & desires he wants and needs in life come true. He's been through alot throughout the years, he deserves it. Praying for a trip to the Philippines, I want to live there for awhile. I'm hoping this spring to leave. Praying to get all my finanacial orders in tact too. Praying for good health and guidance in my quest and success at whatever I do! Praying for more confident's in myself, self esteem and faith. I'm lacking so much I think, I like to change what's not working for me and make it work. Praying to be more of a positive person, not being so negative, praying for reduce anger and frustration that I have been going through, being successful at whatever I do or need in life. thank you
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 03/06/05 - 7075 days old
    ANSWERED: Kelly McGhee
    NEED: this man has taken an over-dose and is desperate need of a touch from the Lord. He also needs salvation, Please keep him in your prayers for salvation first and healing second. The over-dose was accidental, he has a mental illness which requires drugs.

    HOW ANSWERED: God saved this man's life. He is out of the hospital and home. They are also monitoring his medications for him. All he needs now is salvation. Thank you for your prayers.
    Posted by brenforjc from on 03/01/05 - Answered 03/07/05 (6 days later)
    ANSWERED: marragie
    NEED: Ever other its the same my husband find some kind of way to be mad at me and im tired of it im so unhappy with him because of the way he treats me and i dont know what to do please pray that god will help me and please pray that I get to go back to mississippi part of me want to end it hes so mean to me

    HOW ANSWERED: we got Mississippi and were getting along fine thank you god
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 02/17/05 - Answered 06/07/05 (110 days later)
    ANSWERED: moving back home
    NEED: Its getting close to my husand next duty things look good for us to get the place mainly I want to go to help take care of my mom pray that god will touch my huband job profile and find favor in it so we can move back home

    HOW ANSWERED: were going back him even though we were told it was impossiable but with god all things are possable thank you for your prayers
    Posted by carolyn from Mississippi on 02/14/05 - Answered 06/09/05 (115 days later)
    ANSWERED: Re: In need
    NEED: I'm requesting some prayers: A Prayer for my current Money Situation, I'm not getting what I should have in my life by now. A Prayer on my trip to the Philippines, I plan on to live there for at least a year, starting in April of this year. A Prayer for my well being, mentally, physically, Spiritually. A Prayer for My personal dreams, wishes and desires, I am long over due for my personal wealth and lifestyle. A Prayer for a better conversation with the higher God, I have it hard communicating with God, I feel he left me in a bad situation since 1993, I have never recouped from that experience. I thank you all and may you all be blessed!

    HOW ANSWERED: Nevered Answered Yet!
    Posted by shawn from Canada on 02/13/05 - Answered 03/06/05 (21 days later)
    DAILY NEED: My mother
    My mother is depression. She need the prayers. Everywhere.Everyone. I live in Europa. In Hungary. That's my request. Thanks. God Bless! Anna.
    Posted by Anna from City on 02/10/05 - 7099 days old
    NEED: To avoid a court case
    was asked to make a police report on 31/01/05 on accusation by a 14 year old girl for molestation. We willingly had an inappropriate relationship for 2 months. How could this be molestation when she is a willing party. She had sent me a letter (lost)expressing her love for me.(told the police, Veena,) On the 11/02/05, I will be meeting the police again. Please ask God to intervene and turn the situation around especially Irene and the police(veena) to drop all charges and not to bring the matter up to the court. In Jesus name I pray.
    Posted by William from Singapore on 02/02/05 - 7107 days old
    DAILY NEED: Mike, My Brother in Law
    He had a seizur Yesterday,Bleeding from his brain,Bleeding wont stop.Is in Coma,Doctors say it doesnt look good.Had Brain Surgery Yesterday also.My sister loves him so and he took care of her cause she is really sick,Disabled with Liver Problems like me.Vickie needs Mike Still Dear God Please dont take him home yet.But I have to go by your will not mine.Please anyone that reads this please Pray for Mike.Thank You Sherry
    Posted by Babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 01/28/05 - 7112 days old
    DAILY NEED: Jaimie and Lou
    Please continue your prayers for Jaimie and me(Lou). We have been together for almost 2.5yrs and have our shares of ups/downs, but we are still together, sometimes I feel only barely. I am so committed and attached to her and us, but she becomes distant many times and it hurts me so much that she does this. I really don't know what to do because I have focused so much of my life for her and us, but she over this 2.5 yrs has been so inconsistent with us, yet I have remained steady for her/us. We pray, but not often enough. I continue to ask for your prayers to help our relationship, help us love each other more, respect each other more, trust each other more. Pls may she show me the love I so desperately want to feel from her so that I never doubt, always believe and always feel
    Posted by Lou from Columbus, OH on 01/21/05 - 7119 days old
    DAILY NEED: Recovery
    Been trough alot in 3 months and Had to stay home from A.A. and now I find it difficult to get back and also close to God.I need Prayers , Thank You Sherry
    Posted by Babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 01/13/05 - 7127 days old
    DAILY NEED: Vickie Davey, my Sister
    She was put on about 13 or so different meds from this psych Doctor in Hillsboro,Years ago was said she had Bi-Polar Diease,But this Doctor put her on to many,She also has Hep C they said her liver looks bad with scarring.Now she is looseing her mind.Doesnt make sence.Is out of it.That also happens when your liver goes.She has such a big heart,Use to be so bubbly and Happy.Please God help her,She needs you.And so do I,I hurt and am so scared to death.and trying to stay sober.Please bring my sister back.I know if its your will youll take her home.I dont want to let her go.I need prayers for Vickie Davey,And for herbrother and sister for guidence and strengh.Thanks Sherry
    Posted by Babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 01/05/05 - 7135 days old
    DAILY NEED: Marriage Needs Prayer
    My wife has left our marriage and is now walking in this nasty world with blinders on while the devils plays with her heart! She has gotten out of church and is lost in the world! Please pray that the lord will lay his hand on her and help her find her way back to him and our mariage! Please pray that the lord will cast out the devil that is playing with my marriage and getting in my wifes way of seeing the truth of life! My wife and myself need your prays for a blessing from God to have his will be done in our marriage and to keep my wife safe as she needs to be found and brought back form the devils hold on her in this nasty world! the lord knows our troubles and i ask that you please pray for our marriage , home, and for my wifes salvation! Thanks and god bless you all.
    Posted by Wesley from Laurens, SC USA on 01/04/05 - 7136 days old
    NEED: Recovery
    I have been out of my Program of Recovery healing with my hand, and feel so Isolated from God and people.Need Prayers. I can tell my Diease of additions are talking to me. Thanks Sherry
    Posted by Babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 01/02/05 - 7138 days old
    DAILY NEED: Knowing God is #1, Not getting so busy
    Knowing God is first before anyone.Not getting so busy with life.Kyle my Fiance and me staying clean and sober it almost cost me my life, and put him away for awhile, in treatment and Jail.I want God and my Family stay clean and sober and just be happy. Sherry and Kyle Carter
    Posted by Babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 12/30/04 - 7141 days old
    DAILY NEED: Requesr prayer for a car van to our organization
    Posted by Christiansoldier from TNLM-CARD on 12/18/04 - 7153 days old
    DAILY NEED: A prayer of thanks
    Thank our Heavenly Father for his blessings and his devotion to us.
    Posted by Homer from Decatur, AL, USA on 12/13/04 - 7158 days old
    DAILY NEED: Need to be back with God
    i sined so much over the last 2 years and been doing things that i sould have know better. drinking drug sex when drink makeing my self look a big fool. i got to the point i had with me no 1 else. i have just lost hope i think it started when people in christ i trusted let me down. then things went from bad to worst.just find it so hard to pray forgive i know i must. + i am ill. thank you.
    Posted by Clive from U.K. on 12/07/04 - 7164 days old
    NEED: Pray for my court case its on 6/dec/04
    please pray for my court case its held on 6/dec/04 pray with fasting and with burden everyday that god give me victory in the name of jesus.pray for the mercy of god on me and on my family.remember my court case in your everyday personal prayers god bless alex
    Posted by Alexander from birmingham/west mid/united kingdom on 11/28/04 - 7173 days old
    DAILY NEED: Alcohol and drugs
    I have Hept C and liver problems, My Fiance went to jail and his probation officer is putting him inpatient for 3 months.He cant stay clean and sober, and I have not been able to, His name Kyle and mine is Sherry.I dont want to die, And I want us both to Get and Stay close to God,make him First.I Love and miss him,Its hard The Holidays without him,I have been Isolating at home,Need God.
    Posted by Babydoll from Tigard, Oregon on 11/10/04 - 7191 days old
    NEED: Finances
    We are currently experienceing car trouble and no money or credit card to fix it. We are trying to save every penny because we have to be out of the house that we are living at by Jan. 1st. I am having terrible panick attacks. I just dont know what to do. I just ask jesus to hear me and to help me. He knows my needs. I know it is nothing compared to some of the other things people have and need prayer over. Thank you father
    Posted by Erica from San Diego on 11/03/04 - 7198 days old
    ANSWERED: Healing
    NEED: There is a 13 year old girl named Megan who is to go into surgery in 2 hours. They found a brain tumor embeded in her brain behind her ears. She is the granddaughter of a minister. Please pray God will give her a miracle and take that away as a witness to his power that he may be glorified.

    HOW ANSWERED: They have drained the tumor and she is home, but the tumor is still there and they can't operate on it. Please pray for God to take it away. Thank you.
    Posted by Brenda on 10/21/04 - Answered 11/05/04 (15 days later)
    NEED: Prayers for my relationship
    Please pray that Jaimie comes to me soon. She has and is doing things that have been destroying our relationship and it hurts me so much that she continues to do this. When I ask her why her response is "Because that's what I want to do". We have been together for over 2 years. I have and would continue to be with her through all this but I am so miserable, hurt and depressed. I feel so unwanted by her, so unloved, so not worth it. I pray that God speaks to her heart and changes her ways, I love her and want to be with her, but I told her I can't do this anymore. It hurts me so much. Please pray that she comes back to me. I want to know/feel that she loves, needs, wants me. Not when she feels like it but to know this all the time
    Posted by Lou from Columbus, OH on 10/15/04 - 7217 days old
    NEED: Forgiveness
    please pray for me. i have fallen off of the road to salvation. i pray for forgiveness. i pray that i become a stronger christian. i am disgusted with myself and i have tried to commit suicide. right now it seems that everything has gone wrong in my life. my school life has gotten very complicated. please pray that my grades improve. right now they are slipping. please pray that i become more confident with my appearance. please pray that i lose weight. i weigh a burdening 152 pounds. this makes me very self conscious and depressed. i have tried diet and excecise but i have a thyroid disease and it makes it very difficult to lose the weight. i also pray for courage to talk to my good friend kelly. he is a sweet christian man, but i have not talked to him a very long time. i know that this
    Posted by Grace from West Des Moines, IA, USA on 09/29/04 - 7233 days old
    NEED: Relationship
    Please pray that God touches jaimie's heart and have her come back to me today, tonight forever! I am so depressed and miserable without her. Please bring her to me and let us grow in our love everyday. She is so hesitant to commit to only me; whereas I am 110% committed to her and to us. I know that I may come across too much to her about us, but I can't help but want her to always know how crazy I am about her. Please let her understand this and make her be so happy that I am so committed to her. Please bring her to me today and let us spend a beautiful evening together
    Posted by Lou from Columbus, OH on 09/22/04 - 7240 days old
    NEED: Marriage Restoration
    Please pray for the restoration of my marriage & family. My husband left in October 2000 and I have been standing in the gap and praying for his heart to turn back to the Lord and back home to his family. I could appreciate your praying in agreement with my daughters and I.
    Posted by Patricia from Alabama on 09/18/04 - 7244 days old
    NEED: Direction - blessing
    I am asking for the prayer of agreement that I receive a qualified buyer on this week for property I have for sale; that the Holy Spirit give immediate clarity and direction concerning my ministry and open doors that no man can shut; that the Holy Spirit give direction and cause our businessess to be blessed supernaturally and abundantly; that I receive immediate financial blessing abundantly so that I can be a blessing to is my heart's desire in Jesus name.
    Posted by JHammond from St. Louis, MO on 08/10/04 - 7283 days old
    ANSWERED: Urgent
    NEED: Please God I beg of you. Please let my husband not be the father of a one night stand's child 10 years ago. He has no desire to be a father to some woman's child he doesn't even know

    HOW ANSWERED: We were so afraid this child was my husbands, but it turned out to be such a blessing. She's nine years old and beautiful and she looks just like my husband and we want to meet her very badly. They have exchanged pictures, letters and phone calls. My new prayer is now that this is what is is. Dear God let us have enough money to go and visit and not let this support agency take all our money to make it impossible for us to do.
    Posted by Susan from Everett, Washington on 07/22/04 - Answered 09/02/04 (42 days later)
    ANSWERED: Hanna H
    NEED: please pray for god to help me with my mental and spiritutal issues, to become more christ like. I need help with the worldly rhings that are causing me alot of stress and grief which in turn effects my health. AMEN Please pray for me even though I know there are worse things that could happen to a person. And OH could you pray for my dad steve oliver. thank you hannah & god Bless

    HOW ANSWERED: this is to let you know that the lord has answered my prayer I received financial help this week. I cannot believe that god has been so kind to me. What A Great God we serve, please pray for my dad that he would come back home, and to get over his depression and midlife crisis. thank you hannah
    Posted by Vicky from San Antonio, TX on 07/02/04 - Answered 07/18/04 (16 days later)
    DAILY NEED: Desperate Prayers and miracles in my life
    Dear Friends, I desperately request your prayers, miracles and healing in all areas in my life. I am going through a very traumatic period having lost my job some months ago and having lost the case I brought against my employer for unfair dismissal, after holding high level positions for 17 years, suffering from severe hair loss and skin problems for several years which no treatment seems to be able to cure. I am also, through desperate prayers trying to reach out and heal Barton, the man I love so very dearly and pray for a miracle that he will return back to me one day with love. We were very happy together and were planning a future together until someone from his past returned back into his life about two years ago and after leaving him and returning back to him thrice in the last two
    Posted by Mary from Victoria on 06/16/04 - 7338 days old
    DAILY NEED: Salvation
    My husband is not saved and I would love him to see his need for christ, We also have a young daughter who I pray for every day to exept christ as her savior when she is old enought to understand.
    Posted by Mel from Holloman, New Mexico on 06/02/04 - 7352 days old
    ANSWERED: Heavy Heart
    NEED: Dear Lord Jesus, help me to let go of the anger and sadness that are in my heart. If it be Your Will, please remove these feelings of anger and resentment that I am struggling with. I ask for the wisdom and guidance to forgive. I pray for those that I am angry towards and I ask that you be with them for they, too, are suffering because of their feelings. Lord I ask for peace. If it be Your Will, please allow me to have peace in my heart. Amen

    HOW ANSWERED: Dear Lord Jesus, Thank you for listening to my prayers and for walking with me on this journey. Although the feelings have not subsided, I can feel your presence at work in my life.
    Posted by Jeff from Washington on 04/21/04 - Answered 05/19/04 (28 days later)
    ANSWERED: Mom's surgery
    NEED: I pray my mom's knee surgery is successful tomorrow. That the Lord would give wisdom and dexterity to the surgeons and that this 30 year saga with her knee would finally be over.

    HOW ANSWERED: Surgery went well with no complications. Thanks for your support.
    Posted by Webmaster from on 04/21/04 - Answered 05/05/04 (14 days later)
    ANSWERED: Forgiveness
    NEED: Lord Jesus, please forgive me of my sins. Lord I am of weak mind. Please forgive me for the temptation and lusting that are in me. Lord, please help me to remove these character defects so I might live a better life according to Your Will. Lord I pray for Wisdom so I might live a righteous life i your eyes. Lord Jesus, hear my prayers. Amen.

    HOW ANSWERED: The days have been getting better in terms of my focus. I still have moments of weakness, but I can sense the Holy Spirit is at work in me as my thoughts of temptation and lust have decreased. I pray each day for wisdom so that I might live each day by His Will.
    Posted by Jeff from Washington on 04/07/04 - Answered 04/21/04 (14 days later)
    ANSWERED: Help me
    NEED: Please pray that god will forgive me and help me stay away fron psychic network looking for answers

    HOW ANSWERED: I no longer use the psychic network anymore
    Posted by Carolyn from Mississippi on 03/30/04 - Answered 04/13/04 (14 days later)
    ANSWERED: Release from bondage, reunite, employment
    NEED: I ask that Jesus would break the bondage of drug addiction for Cindy Trahan. I love and care for her deeply. I ask that she would be saved. Also, I am currently unemployed and want a job in my field of expertiese. I want her to know that she is loved very much and I want her life to get better and that she would be healed from the inside out. I ask that Jesus would touch her life and the lives of her children that they would be kept, loved, protected and all together as family.

    HOW ANSWERED: I have been strengthened against addiction as I have chosen to seperate from her for good. My life is much better and I have met a saved woman that I know is my wife. I love Cindy but know that we are not for each other, yet I want the best for her life and the lives of her children.
    Posted by Dwight from San Antonio, TX on 03/08/04 - Answered 05/04/04 (57 days later)
    NEED: Backslidden
    I would like to ask that God will continue to help me grow as a spiritual son of God. As one person wrote help me to stay connected to God in the good times not only the bad. I pray for a desire to read His Holy Word on a daily basis and that God will reveal himself to me thru His Word. Thank you
    Posted by Richard from Charleston/WV/U.S. on 03/07/04 - 7439 days old
    DAILY NEED: Home
    please intercede before the Lord that He will give me enough money soon to buy a house in the city i am living right now.i have a large family and landlords do not apreciate this fact.this is not too hard for Him after all He died for me this is nothing compared to His sacrifice for me. i count on your prayers and i give God thanks in advance.
    Posted by Paule from Greenwich, CT, USA on 03/06/04 - 7440 days old
    ANSWERED: Wanting a baby
    NEED: Please that God will touch my womb and bless me with another baby.

    HOW ANSWERED: Even though god answer was no i understand the reason for his answer and I thank god for that.
    Posted by Carolyn from Mississippi on 02/02/04 - Answered 04/13/04 (71 days later)
    NEED: Right college for my son
    Dear prayer partners: My son would like to play basketball and also major in Business Administration. Please pray for God to choose the right college and find a coach to help him out. I am asking for god to cover his with wisdom and fear for God. Please Pray Thank you
    Posted by Phebe from Stamford/CT/US on 01/08/04 - 7498 days old
    DAILY NEED: Health and Finances
    dear lord, please heal my body from this graves disease and what ever else has it's hold my mind and body. i pray that i may be healed and my finances and my relationship to a very special person be restored. thank you jesus, amen
    Posted by Tabitha from Snellville, Georgia on 01/04/04 - 7502 days old
    ANSWERED: Granted Parole
    NEED: Friend is scheduled to see parole board soon. Praying that board will agree to parole him when they see him w/in a few months. He has serverd his minimum and has made positive changes and has been rehabiliated. I know that w/ Christ, all things are possible, and that the Lord looseth the prisoners. He has an approved home plan and employment upon his release. Asking God's children to touch and agree w/ me that my friend will be granted parole when he sees the board soon. In Christ

    HOW ANSWERED: Parole was granted. He's waiting for a release date.Thanks for your prayers, and continue to keep him in your prayers.
    Posted by P from friend on 12/28/03 - Answered 04/11/04 (105 days later)
    DAILY NEED: My son's salvation
    Please pray for my son, school is about to be open. I ask the Lord to stop him from staying out late at night. I ask Jesus to open his spiritual eyes. I ask the Lord to keep him away from temptations of all sorts, to stay away from friends, to give him wisdom to dress appropriately, to enjoy the subjects that he has to take this schoolyear, to help him focus in his career and for God to destroy all evil forces that are working against him. I ask the Lord to please bless him.
    Posted by Phebe from Stamford/CT/US on 08/19/03 - 7640 days old
    NEED: Salvation
    Pray for husband, daughter, and son to return to the Lord. They all are backsliders. My son that his case in court will be dismiss. they took his driving license and since hr tried to get them back. They don't know why he lost them and how. They have put in off three times and he go back in November. He need a job and people are losing jobs all around us and its hard to find one, and I need special prayer that God will work a miracle with child support case. It will be tried in November. He's alot behind because its lack of jobs. Please pray with me we need some miracles in this family. Thanks
    Posted by Marian from Lexington, N.C. on 08/08/03 - 7651 days old
    ANSWERED: Healing
    NEED: There is a Pastor Dan in Tahachipai Calvary Chapel who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Please pray for God's will in his life, and if he pleases complete healing for his witness of his power. This man is only 47 but is not afraid to die, he loves the Lord. Thank you for your faithful prayers.

    HOW ANSWERED: Pastor Dan has gone to be with the Lord. God was with him in a great way. Please pray for his family for comfort in their loss. Thank you for all your prayers.
    Posted by Brenda on 07/10/03 - Answered 10/06/03 (88 days later)
    ANSWERED: Healing
    NEED: Please pray for Billy McGhee. He has been taken to the hospital. He is bleeding somewhere please pray the doctors will find where. Pray the Lord will guide the doctors with treatment or totally heal Billy.

    HOW ANSWERED: The Lord touched this person and healed him and took care of a bleeding problem he had. I know it was the Lord because the doctors didn't do anything. Thank the Lord.
    Posted by Brenda on 07/01/03 - Answered 09/25/03 (86 days later)
    ANSWERED: Healing
    NEED: There is a woman, Wanda Evensen, that needs our prayer for healing. She is seeing a heart specialist this week. Please pray the Lord will touch her. She is a Christian and knows the Lord's power, but is frightened. Please pray for peace and trust in the Lord. Thank you.

    HOW ANSWERED: God lead the doctors and test showed it not as bad as thought. Thank the Lord.
    Posted by Brenda on 06/19/03 - Answered 08/07/03 (49 days later)
    ANSWERED: Salvation
    NEED: The is a young woman Lindy who needs the Lord desperately. She is contemplating an abortion. She is being witnessed to but she is blamming God for all her problems. She is living with a man, not married, and 2 other children by him the youngest 1yr. God needs to move for this young woman fast and soften her heart to receiving him and getting her life in order. Please pray with me. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you.

    HOW ANSWERED: Lindy did not have the abortion and is trying to get her life together. She still needs to surrender to God, but the Lord is moving in her. Thank you for all your faithful prayers.
    Posted by Brenda on 06/05/03 - Answered 11/20/03 (168 days later)
    ANSWERED: Healing
    NEED: There are two little girls names Emily and Rebecca, sisters, who were taken to the hospital last night for minninjitus. They are very critical, please pray for healing.

    HOW ANSWERED: Both girls are home safe and on their way to good health. Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers.
    Posted by Brenda on 04/25/03 - Answered 04/29/03 (4 days later)
    ANSWERED: Healing
    NEED: Please pray for Ethan West, he is 2 and had his fingers shut in a door and they are trying to re-attach the tips. Please pray God will hasten the healing and give his ease from the pain. Also his parents aren't Christians, pray for their salvation God Bless you.

    HOW ANSWERED: The Lord has given Ethan West a healing miracle. Praise the Lord the hand is healing perfectly which the doctors didn't think would happen. It has been a witness to the parents.
    Posted by Brenda on 03/31/03 - Answered 04/25/03 (25 days later)
    ANSWERED: Lisa West and Craig West
    NEED: I have been witnessing and praying for this couple. She just called me for prayer concerning her husbands job and she was very up set and crying. Please pray the Lord will take care of his job and that they will recognize the answer to prayer and start serving the Lord. I told her God would take care of their every need, I believe their salvation is most important. Thank you for your prayers.

    HOW ANSWERED: God has opened up a new job for Craig and a possible job for Lisa. I spent a whole evening talking with them about the Lord and saw the love of Jesus in them. I know God is working in their lives. They know the Lord they had just wondered away. God is their savior and I know they love him.
    Posted by Brenda on 03/06/03 - Answered 04/14/03 (39 days later)
    DAILY NEED: The need to become closer to the Lord
    Help me pray for the struggle of staying connected with the Lord's word on a daily basis. Help me pray that I will continue to reach for his word during good and bad times.
    Posted by member from Texas on 02/25/03 - 7815 days old
    ANSWERED: A friend in need of prayer
    NEED: Say a prayer for Frank, who is trying to quit a drug addiction. Pray that the Lord will build an immunity of distaste to this addiction. Pray for his strength, courage, faith, and ability to overcome this addiction.

    HOW ANSWERED: Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Frank's drug addiction. I heard from Frank today, with Great News!! He has been clean for several weeks now!! Help me pray for his continuous battle.
    Posted by member from Texas on 12/31/02 - Answered 01/28/03 (28 days later)
    ANSWERED: Return Motorcycle Cross-Country Ride
    NEED: Travel mercy for return-from-Thanksgiving vacation spot via 13 hour, 640 mile motorcycle ride. Expected return is Monday afternoon, December 2nd.

    HOW ANSWERED: I not only completed the trip uneventfully, God held the weather one day at both start and end points as two rain fronts are supposed to hit both places hard tomorrow.
    Posted by Webmaster from on 12/01/02 - Answered 12/02/02 (1 days later)
    DAILY NEED: Lost Friend
    I have a good friend whom I have not seen in years. His parents abused him, and he ocassionally got into trouble in the past. He's incredibly intelligent, and I've always seen the potential in him to be a good Christian, and to benefit society in special ways. The problem is, he is surrounded by bad influences, and I fear he has succumbed to them. The last time I called him was a year ago; he hung up the phone on me when he knew who it was. Pray with me that if he is lost, that he will find his way to Jesus!
    Posted by Chris from Sarasota, FL on 11/03/02 - 7929 days old
    ANSWERED: Strength for Christian Family
    NEED: A very strong Christain who led me to Jesus recently lost his brother to a sudden heart attack. I don't know if his brother was saved, but I know he was witnessed to. During this difficult time, I ask that you please add Brother Brother Jamie Allen and his family to your daily prayers.

    HOW ANSWERED: He is still following the lord and places his faith in Jesus our savior... his family is strong and healthy and is doing well despite their loss.
    Posted by FrostByte from Abilene, TX, USA on 10/08/02 - Answered 12/09/02 (62 days later)
    ANSWERED: Memory Help
    NEED: Please pray for Roy, my brother, who is having problems in his new career as a police officer in Arlington, Texas. He is having great difficulty and stress learning his job, all of the laws and procedures are giving him difficulty - he's a good christian and could use the prayer assistance.

    HOW ANSWERED: My brother was relieved from his job; unfortunately his memory problem didn't get better; but I'm sure God has plans for him other than being a police officer. I'm greatful because there are other possibilities out there for him, most will certainly be safer than being a police officer... Sometimes the answer to your prayers is 'no', but we know that God knows best. Thank you for your prayers...
    Posted by FrostByte from Abilene, TX, USA on 09/01/02 - Answered 10/04/02 (33 days later)
    ANSWERED: Health Need
    NEED: My sister, Barbara, is having kidney problems. She is having tests done this week. She is a Christian with six children. Pray for God's healing hand to be on her.

    HOW ANSWERED: Doctors ran tests and all was well. She is now feeling well and is thankful for all the prayers. I to think you and hope the LORD blesses all his prayer worriers!!! PTL!!!
    Posted by Carolyn from Mississippi on 08/19/02 - Answered 08/24/02 (5 days later)
    ANSWERED: Mary's Traveling Mercies
    NEED: Pray for Mary's safety while she is away, and that she will have a great time of fellowship with Chris.

    HOW ANSWERED: Mary is back safely. All went well.
    Posted by Ron from San Antonio, TX on 08/15/02 - Answered 08/19/02 (4 days later)
    ANSWERED: Travel
    NEED: Our niece, Heather will be traveling to NM for a visit. Her traveling dates are the 20th of July and the 3erd of Aug. My prayer is that she will have safe travel and a good time while she is here.

    HOW ANSWERED: Praise the Lord she had a great time and made it home to NY safely.
    Posted by Carolyn from Mississippi on 07/15/02 - Answered 08/04/02 (20 days later)
    ANSWERED: Travel
    NEED: Safe travel for my son

    HOW ANSWERED: God is good as always and my son had a great trip and a safe one. Thank you Lord and thank you brothers and sister in Christ for your prayers!
    Posted by Carolyn from Mississippi on 06/18/02 - Answered 07/15/02 (27 days later)
    ANSWERED: Prayer of Thanksgiving
    NEED: That all the travelers are safe, That the day goes well from the weather to the festivities planned, that Amy and Joe will exeperience love and satisfaction with all that they attempt in their lives together, and that they are blessed with good times, family and friends in abundance.

    HOW ANSWERED: For all those who gave so freely of their prayers in order that the wedding be a success. The day was beyond imagine, Thank you to all who supported us.
    Posted by Marilyn from Wakeman, OH on 06/16/02 - Answered 12/05/02 (172 days later)
    ANSWERED: Mission Trips
    NEED: Pray for Annie and Krissy as they share the Gospel overseas. Pray for their protection and for the protection of the people with them and for whom they are responsible. Pray for the working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those they witness to.

    HOW ANSWERED: Annie and Krissy are back safely, and many lives touched and souls saved!
    Posted by Ron from San Antonio, TX on 06/16/02 - Answered 08/08/02 (53 days later)
    ANSWERED: Completion of this real-time prayer site
    NEED: Coronation/dedication of this completed site through God's blessing

    HOW ANSWERED: I believe this type of "instant" prayer request site is a first-of-its-kind and I hope its a blessing and encouragement to those who demand real-time prayer requests
    Posted by Webmaster from on 06/14/02 - Answered 06/16/02 (2 days later)

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