I Have a Problem

Father, I have a problem.
It's weighing heavy on me.
It's all I can think about,
night and day.

Before I bring it to you in prayer.
I suppose I should pray for those
who are less fortunate than me--

Those in this world who have
hardly enough food for this day,
and for those who don't have
a roof over their heads at night.

I also pray for families
who have lost loved ones
in sudden death,
for parents whose children
have leukemia,
for the many people who are
dying of brain tumors,
for the hundreds of thousands
who are laid waste with
other terrible cancers,
for people whose bodies
have been suddenly
shattered in car wrecks,
for those who are lying
in the hospital with agonizing
burns over their bodies,
whose faces have been
burned beyond recognition.

I pray for people with emphysema,
whose eyes fill with terror
as they struggle for every
breath merely to live,
for those who are tormented
beyond words by irrational fears,
for the elderly who are wracked
with the pains of aging,
whose only "escape" is death.

I pray for people who are watching
their loved ones fade before their eyes
through the grief of Alzheimer's disease,
for the many thousands
who are suffering
the agony of AIDS,
for those who are in such despair
they are about to commit suicide,
for people who are tormented
by the demons of
alcoholism and drug addiction.

I pray for children
who have been abandoned
by their parents,
for those who are sexually abused,
for wives held in quiet despair,

beaten and abused by
cruel and drunken husbands,
for people whose minds
have been destroyed
by mental disorders,
for those who have lost everything
in floods, tornadoes,
hurricanes, and earthquakes.

I pray for the blind,
who never see the faces
of the ones they love,
or the beauty of a sunrise,
for those whose bodies are
horribly deformed by painful arthritis, for the many whose lives
will be taken from them today
by murderers,
for those wasting away
on their death beds.

Most of all,
I cry out for the millions
who don't know the forgiveness
that is in Jesus Christ...
for those who in a moment of time
will be swept into Hell
by the cold hand of death,
and find to their utter
horror the unspeakable
vengeance of eternal fire.
They will be eternally damned
to everlasting punishment.

Oh God, I pray for them.


I can't seem to remember
what my problem was...

In Jesus' name I pray...Amen!

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