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L.A.M.B. (Labeling kit And Message Bank)
Microsoft Access Database

LATEST RELEASE: v3.6 - June 4, 2002

Click to download: Microsoft Access Database - 97 Format
Access 97
(10 MB)
Click to download: Microsoft Access Database - 02(XP) Format
Access 2002(XP)
(5 MB)

I wrote a piece of software in response to the cumbersome burden of pen & paper cassette and videotape catalog processing. One entry into one field of the tape's date, message, scriptural reference, attendance, preacher name, and comments and you have functional buttons to instantly:

  • Print out databases based chronologically or alphabetically for congregation reference
  • Print 2-sided cassette labels for tapes - and cite them as MASTER or COPY!
  • Print jacket/videotape face labels for videos (and their database, too)
  • Print statistics (including the aforementioned data) based on a beginning date of your choice
  • Statistics automatically update number of copies of a specific tape automatically based on your label choice of COPY vs. MASTER! (neat, eh?)
  • Print annual reports detailing the request numbers made of specific sermons on tape
  • Print a formatted blank sheet for tape requests

  • I never found "the right program" to catalog our tapes at Berean Independent Baptist so I wrote this code from scratch for the last couple of years because I wanted to have it "my way."
    This complete database and its VBA code is freeware (Open Source).
    Obviously, different churches have different styles so tweak away... just please leave my name up there, eh?

    I'm happy to answer any and all Q's you have

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